For the more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious fashion fans out there, making your clothes last longer while still looking good and feeling comfortable to wear has now become a priority. Many people are wising up to the fact that if they buy better quality pieces for their wardrobe, they can make these pieces last longer and turn what they wear into an ethical and sustainable wardrobe. Keeping your clothes for longer helps not only to save time and money, but it cuts down on our consumption and waste, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

Clothing repair Baker Street

Even when our clothes get accidentally torn, snagged, or gains a hole from moth damage or a cigarette burn, we can get them professionally repaired to keep our special outfits wearable and looking good for longer.

At American Dry Cleaning Company, we are proud to offer our customers a professional clothing repair service in our Baker Street branch. Our team are highly skilled and very experienced in repairing damaged clothes, so your wardrobe staples will last much longer than any throw-away fashion pieces that are causing a significant waste issue.

This is why people now realise investing in better quality timeless pieces that can last for many seasons and be carefully and elegantly repaired should they suffer any accidental damage.

Tailor Baker Street

One of the most significant benefits of tailor-made clothing is that they are custom-made to fit your measurements perfectly. Our highly skilled in-house tailors at our Baker Street branch know how to make your clothes look more flattering than anything you can buy off-the-peg.

Why not let our team tailor-make an outfit to fit your body, personality and your unique style. You will have the benefit of getting exactly what you want from your clothes and the satisfaction of knowing that your outfits are genuinely one of a kind.

Alterations Baker Street

How many items of clothing have you thrown away simply because they no longer fit you, or the straps on a dress have stretched, or you have popped the button on the waistband of your favourite pair of trousers?

Instead of throwing out these perfectly good pieces of clothes, why not let our dedicated team at American Dry Cleaning Company make some simple alterations that will save your outfit and your money too!

We can alter a tight waistband, take up the hem of a long skirt, adjust the seams of a jacket and shorten stretched out shoulder straps to make your clothes fit perfectly again. Just pop into our Baker Street branch with your item and let our team take a look at it for you.

You can find us at 201 Baker Street, London, NW1 6UY. Or why not call our branch for some free advice. Or feel free to contact us for more information about our services.

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