Who wouldn’t want to look good in a sharp suit or a fabulous dress that looks like a designer label but didn’t cost you very much to buy? While fast fashion can be hard to say no to, there is always a catch to buying bargain throw-away clothes.

We may be tempted to buy at cheap fashion shops thinking that they save us money, but in actual fact, it can work out far more expensive to keep on buying and disposing of fast fashion than investing in some high-quality wardrobe staples that can last you for years.

Then there is also the amount of waste that disposable fashion creates, which is very damaging to the environment. Not forgetting, of course, that fast fashion uses massive factories exploiting vulnerable workers in poor communities to produce vast amounts of clothing at incredibly low cost.

Clothing repair Blenheim Crescent

We can fight back against fast fashion as individuals to create a more sustainable wardrobe by investing in good-quality pieces and having them skillfully repaired instead of throwing them away when they become accidentally damaged.

It is a great shame when a favourite shirt or coat sleeve gets torn when caught on a door handle. But this doesn’t mean we need to consign the item to the bin. Instead, you can bring in your torn clothing items to our team in Blenheim Crescent, and we will perform an expert repair for you.

Our clothing repair team is skilled in repairs and invisible mending, which can save a beloved wool coat from the bin if they get a moth hole or two. Accidents do happen, so our dedicated team can also repair or replace torn clothing lining, trouser hems that get caught on high heels and much more!

Tailor Blenheim Crescent

Nobody likes to spend too much money buying new clothes, especially if they don’t fit right. Having a tailor-made wardrobe will enable you to comfortable wear every piece of clothing in there because it has been tailored to fit you perfectly.

By using our expert tailors in our Blenheim Crescent branch, you will know that your clothes will last much longer than any of today’s low-quality mass-produced fashion items.

Not only does using our expert tailoring services mean that your clothes will fit you perfectly, but it also means that there will be far less waste clothing going to our landfills and adding to our current climate disaster.

Tailor-made clothing also means that you can save a heck of a lot of time because you will need to spend much less time shopping for replacement clothes when the inferior quality brand starts to fall apart. Your clothes will last much longer, and they will also look smarter for longer because they are cut to fit your body shape.

Alterations Blenheim Crescent

There is a reason why we at the American Dry Cleaning Company offer our in-store alteration services to our customers in Blenheim Crescent. No matter how carefully clothes designers try to produce clothes that fit all body sizes and types, there will hardly be any off the rack shirt, dress, trousers, or suit that will perfectly fit you.

If you pay a lot of money for a new suit or dress, the least you expect for your money is that it fits you. So when you find the underarms of your suit jacket are too tight, you need to take up the hem of your new trousers, or you need us to take in or let out the waistband of your new skirt – we are here for you!

You can find us at 11 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, W11 2EE.

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