According to leading psychologists, what clothes we wear can alter the wearer’s perceptions and the people around them. But it is also the fit of the clothes that counts. A well-fitting work suit can inspire self-confidence, but a poorly fitting suit can make you feel self-conscious and awkward.

This is a major benefit of having your clothes altered to fit you. Feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes can also encourage you to keep them for longer and take better care of them instead of throwing them away if they get accidentally damaged in some way.

Clothing repair Chiswick

While investing in a few pieces of high-quality clothing may seem expensive at first, in fact, you will be spending more now to spend less later. How many times have you thrown away a perfectly good item of clothing because you got an accidental rip or tear on a cuff or seam?

Our highly skilled clothing repair team at our Chiswick branch of American Dry Cleaning Company are here to help you get more wearability from your wardrobe. With a simple repair to a torn seam or a nip and tuck here and there, we can repair any damage to your clothes and have them looking as good as new again.

This will actually save you money because the cost of your clothing repair will save a lot of unnecessary expenses on having to buy new clothes and help keep more clothing material from going to landfill.

Tailor Chiswick

If you are considering having your clothes tailored, then our tailoring services are very versatile. We work with many professional people who need their business suits to go from work to play, so creating a stylish suit that can be used for both formal and social occasions is a particular skill that we are proud of.

No matter whether you wear a suit or dress to the office, we can tailor your clothes to look sharp and professional yet feel comfortable enough to relax in after work. A smart, tailored jacket can take you from work to meeting up with friends for dinner without the need to go home to change.

Alterations Chiswick

Our clothing alterations team at our Chiswick branch have seen an upturn in business as more people are becoming switched on to the benefits of having their clothes altered to fit instead of throwing them away.

People’s clothes sizes and weight tend to change over the years, but this doesn’t mean you need to throw out your favourite outfits when they no longer fit you properly. It often doesn’t take much work from our Chiswick alteration team to make your clothes feel comfortable to wear once again.

Why consign a favourite outfit to the back of the wardrobe, or even worse – the landfill – if it no longer fits you any longer. Instead, why not spend a fraction of the price of a replacement outfit on an alteration instead.

By using our alterations services, you can significantly increase the wearability of your existing wardrobe. You won’t have to part with any beloved or special outfits that can hold a lot of fond memories for you.

Why not call in to see our team to see how we can help. You can find us at 5 Grove Park Road, Chiswick, W4 3RS.

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