Maintaining your existing wardrobe is a perfect solution for those looking to buy fewer clothes and reduce the amount of waste fabric going to the landfill.

With so many more people becoming aware of how they can do their bit to help the environment by keeping their clothes for longer, our tailoring, alteration and clothing repair team in our Cobham branch of American Dry Cleaning Company are becoming busier than ever!

Apart from helping the environment by reducing fabric waste, maintaining your wardrobe can actually work out cheaper than consistently buying new clothes each season.

Clothing repair Cobham

Thankfully, gone are the days of simply discarding your clothes when they become damaged. It can be simple, quick and cheap to have a torn seam repaired or a moth hole invisibly mended on a garment.

In most cases having your clothes repaired by our dedicated team in our Cobham branch is far more cost-effective than to throw them away and buy a replacement. Using our high-quality repair services, you can keep your favourite clothing items and maintain your unique style without sacrificing a special outfit to the waste bin.

Tailor in Cobham

If you prefer to have a tailor-made wardrobe, then our Cobham tailoring team can help you look sharp wherever you go and on whatever occasion you attend.

Keeping tailored outfits in your wardrobe means that you are wearing environmentally friendly clothing that isn’t mass-produced or causes a lot of waste. With so many people now on a mission to minimise waste as much as is practical, managing a perfectly tailored wardrobe is ideal to remain stylish without harming the environment.

Keeping some good-quality tailored wardrobe staples means you can wear clothes that are made to measure, and every single piece will fit correctly. Far less fabric is used during tailoring than is used making fashion clothing. With tailoring, there is not a huge amount of leftover wasted material that you get with mass-produced clothing.

Alterations in Cobham

We can all appreciate the sight of a well-fitting outfit and wish that our clothes would only fit as well. Regardless of the current fashion, anyone wearing well-fitting clothes and feeling comfortable in their outfit will look, feel and act more confident.

Yet surprisingly people think that clothes alterations cost a lot of money when in reality the price of having your existing clothes altered to fit you better can offer more cost-savings than buying a smaller or larger size of clothes.

Just because a favourite skirt, suit or jacket has become a little tight at the seams doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. Bring your clothing item to our team in Cobham, and we can take a look at it and advise about what alterations we can do for you.

You can find our branch at 19 Oakdene Parade, Cobham, KT11 2LR.

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