It is an eye-opening fact that the fashion industry manufactures between 100 million and 150 million garments per year. When you add that to the millions of pairs of shoes that the footwear industry produces each year, it comes as no surprise to learn that these two industries combined are responsible for more than eight per cent of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

With throw-away fashion being a leading cause of waste going to landfills, many people are now being more mindful about how much new clothing they buy and are taking sensible steps towards making their clothes last longer.

One tried and tested way to preserve the quality of your clothes and help them last longer is to get them repaired as soon as you notice that a garment has some damage.

Clothing repair in Collindale

At our American Dry Cleaning Company branch in Collindale, London, our clothing repair team have seen an upturn in business over the past couple of years. Our clothing repair team is highly skilled and experienced in repairing damaged clothing and making it look new again!

We always advise our customers to do a regular visual check of their favourite clothing items in the wardrobe and look for any signs of damage. Even the tiniest bit of damage can worsen over time if ignored, such as a loose seam with a snapped thread.

By bringing in your clothing for minor repairs, our team can often save a garment before the damage becomes a more severe issue. For example, split seams on coats and jackets can be quickly sewn up and reinforced before the seam threads unravel and the material becomes frayed.

Tailor in Collindale

If we don’t take action now, fashion waste could contribute more than a quarter of the global carbon budget by 2050. One way to do your bit is to use our tailoring services in our Collingdale branch instead of buying more fast fashion.

You can have our professionally trained in-house tailoring team to create you the ultimate in eco-friendly wardrobes! Tailoring offers a more sustainable way to create your clothes because there is much less waste material involved when your clothes are made to measure.

You can remain timelessly and effortlessly stylish with your own curated, personally tailored wardrobe that looks good all year round!

Clothing alterations in Collindale

We all have that one outfit sitting in our wardrobe that we cannot part with and cannot wear anymore because it doesn’t fit. Some people have more than one outfit taking up valuable wardrobe space that is either too tight, too long, or too baggy.

But having them altered in our Collindale branch can give all those lovely outfits a second lease of life. Clothing alterations have never been more popular across all of our American Dry Cleaning branches. It is such a pleasure to see our regular customers bringing in their favourite outfits that only need a bit of a nip and tuck to make them wearable again.

Why not bring in your clothes to our branch at 3 Carlisle Road, Colindale, London, for our help with repairs or alterations. Or have a chat with our tailoring team if you want us to make something to measure that is truly unique!

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