Sustainable fashion is on everyone’s lips this day, but what does this really mean?

In simple terms, it is choosing to wear clothes that don’t directly impact climate change through waste, freshwater use, ocean acidification, and biodiversity loss.

While it may seem like a drop in the ocean to choose to repair a pair of your jeans instead of throwing them away and buying a new pair, if enough people did this, then it would make a massive difference in helping to sustain a safe, healthy planet.

Even fashion giants such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen are doing their bit to reduce the impact on their industry on the environment. They are even going as far as to encourage a circular economy for their clothes where ultimately they can be returned to be used again.

However, there is more that you and I can do to help preserve and extend the wearable life of our clothes. This includes using the alterations, tailoring and clothing repair services on offer in our Connaught branch of American Dry Cleaning Company.

Clothing repairs Connaught

To preserve the stability and resilience of your clothes, it is essential to get any damage repaired professionally by our Connaught clothing repair team.

Having your clothes repaired instead of throwing them away is a great way to reduce or even eliminate textile waste levels going to the landfill. While minor repairs can be very inexpensive, even repairing more severe damage can still work out cheaper than the cost of buying a replacement outfit.

It can help to physically examine the clothes in your wardrobe to look for minor damage that can be repaired before it gets worse. Such things as a cigarette burn or moth hole can go unnoticed while the garment is hanging in your wardrobe, but it may be obvious when you slip it on.

Why not spare a few minutes at the weekend to go through your wardrobe to see if any outfits are in need of any repairs.

Tailor in Connaught

Having your clothes tailored to fit you perfectly means that you will always look stylish and sophisticated no matter the season! Tailoring gives you the chance to slow down, step away from the frenzy of fast fashion and genuinely appreciate the quality clothing you have that is unique to you.

You can call in to see our expert tailoring team in our Connaught branch to find out how we can help you to curate a unique and sustainable wardrobe.

Clothing alterations in Connaught

Having a truly sustainable wardrobe would mean working with what you already have. There are so many people with a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes that they cannot wear because they don’t fit properly.

Instead of letting them languish in your wardrobe, taking up valuable space, it is easy to bring them into our clothing alterations team in our Connaught branch at 23 Kendall Street, London.

Our team will give your treasured outfits a second life by making the necessary alterations needed to make them fit you once again.

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