It is pretty shocking to know that fast fashion practices can include burning unsold merchandise! This is a shame and shows us how little value people place on clothes these days.

However, more than 78 per cent of consumers are now keen on buying more eco-friendly, green or sustainable clothing brands and looking at ways to make their clothes last for longer.

This means the idea of ‘fashions seasons’ are now becoming blurred at the edges, with more people wearing the same clothes all year round and using layering techniques to move with the seasons.

Our alterations, tailoring and clothing repairs team in our Fulham Road branch of American Dry Cleaning Company have seen an increase in business from our dry cleaning customers, who are now bringing in more clothes for repairs and alterations than ever before.

Clothing repairs in Fulham Road

One of the most effective ways to cut down on our over-consumption of clothes is to repair them when they get damaged instead of throwing them away. Thankfully, even fashion influencers are now encouraging people to repair and re-wear their existing clothing.

If you spot a hole in your winter coat, a torn seam on your silk shirt, or you have caught the hem of your dress on your high heels, bring them into our expert team of clothing repair specialists in our Fulham Road branch and find out how easy it is to get them repaired and back in your wardrobe ready to wear again.

A tailor in Fulham Road

Following fashion is one thing, but becoming effortlessly, timelessly stylish is another. If you want to become a leader in trendsetting instead of a follower, then tailoring is where it is at!

With H&M reportedly selling around three billion clothing items per year, why would you want to look like everyone else when you can have your wardrobe staples tailor-made for you by our expert tailoring team in Fulham Road.

While many people are impressed by leading fashion brands making commitments to reduce their carbon footprint by going organic or by using more recycled materials in their range, they will still be churning out billions of similar-looking clothing items per year.

You can buck that trend and become utterly unique by using our tailoring services to create you a style that flatters your body type and is unique to you.

Clothing alterations in Fulham Road

A significant way to reduce the impact on the environment from what we buy is to shake the dust from all those outfits currently sitting in our wardrobes that don’t fit and have them altered to fit us properly once again.

Our expert clothing alterations team in Fulham Road are busy supporting our customers that want to inject new life into their wardrobe and make their outfit more sustainable. So if you have a well-loved outfit sitting in your wardrobe that is a bit tight, too baggy, or is too long and needs shortening, why not bring it into our team at 216 Fulham Road, Kensington, to alter for you!

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