The American Dry Cleaning Company has always been at the forefront of the green revolution. From day one, we set up the company to do things differently and break away from traditional practices that included petrochemical-based cleaning agents, energy-hungry washing machines, and dry cleaning equipment.

A big part of our ethos is to encourage our customers to value long-forgotten clothing preservation skills that were once common on our high streets, such as tailoring and clothing alterations and repairs.

Fast fashion has been causing so much waste material to go to the landfill over the past few decades. In response, not only have we been investing in eco-friendly, non-toxic dry cleaning methods to take better care of your clothes and the planet, but we also invested in restoring the lost skills of tailoring, clothing alterations and repairs to help reduce the number of clothes going to landfill.

Clothing repairs in Gloucester Road

The American Dry Cleaning Company has seen a vast sea change in attitudes over recent years. We now have more customers actively seeking us out because they find it challenging to get their clothes repaired easily anywhere else on the high street.

Our Gloucester Street branch is kept busy with customers wanting to own a more sustainable wardrobe of clothes that can be repaired and worn again instead of being thrown away.

Compared to the large fashion houses and department stores that are now trying to reduce their carbon footprint, it may not seem like much to have your clothes repaired. Still, it does mean that there will be one less garment going to the landfill, and every piece of material counts!

The tailor in Gloucester Street

Tailoring is a skill that used to be so common. In fact, unless you made your own clothes, you would go to a local tailor or seamstress to have your clothes made to measure for you. In the hundreds of years before fast fashion and clothing factories were a thing, tailors were held in very high regard in the local community.

People are now waking up to the enormous environmental indiscretions caused by mass-produced fashion labels. They are returning to skilled tailors that would have been the norm in their grandparents time.

We are pleased to offer tailoring services in our Gloucester Street branch, where our talented staff can create tailor-made clothing that fits your measurements perfectly! Regardless of whether you need a one-off suit for a special event or you need some staple wardrobe pieces made for you, our team are here to help!

Clothing alterations in Gloucester Street

Many people want to organise their wardrobe to create more space for their outfits to breathe and not get crushed. Or to thin out the number of clothes they no longer wear.

However, just because an outfit no longer fits you, it doesn’t mean it deserves throwing away. By having those favourite outfits altered to fit instead, you can save yourself a lot of money on buying new clothes, and you won’t need to part with all those treasured memories those clothes hold for you.

Why not bring in your favourite outfits to our Gloucester Street branch at (Unit 4) 23 Gloucester Road, to see how we can give it a new lease of life, save it from the landfill and save you lots of money by not having to buy any more new clothes!

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