One of the main reasons you should bring your favourite outfits to our team in Hampstead High Street for repairs or alterations is to save yourself a lot of money.

Why throw your damaged clothes away when they can be fixed? Our in-house team of clothing repairs, alterations and tailoring experts will repair your clothes and give them a professional finish, so you wear your clothes again with confidence.

If you have a lot of clothes sitting in the back of your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in ages, why not get them repaired or altered so you can start wearing them again.

Clothing repairs in Hampstead High Street

Our team of clothing repair specialists can sew up split seams, repair fabric tears and replace torn linings to jackets, trousers and skirts. If you have broken a zip on your dress or noticed that your winter coat has a cigarette burn on the sleeve, then bring them to our team to fix for you!

Did you know that our talented team can repair more than damage to your clothes? It’s true! We can also fix damaged handbags, leather satchels and sports bags that often have snapped straps, broken buckles and zips.

If you have some damaged clothes or accessories, bring them to our team to look at on Hampstead High Street. We can fix most things even if you think they have no chance!

Tailoring in Hampstead High Street

We are lucky to have so much talent on our team. Our fully trained and highly experienced tailoring team will create outfits that emphasise your figure beautifully. We pay close attention to detail, and our tailor-made clothes will fit just right.

While an off the peg outfit can look completely different on two people, having a tailor-made outfit that is cut to your precise measurement will always look outstanding on you.

If you are looking for a special outfit to wear for an important occasion, why not call in to see our tailoring team in our Hampstead High Street branch to discuss your needs.

Clothing alteration in Hampstead High Street

Having your existing clothes altered to fit you better is far cheaper than going out to buy new clothes. Clothing alterations are a great way to save money while keeping more waste material from ending up in the landfill.

Getting more wear out of the clothes you already own also means that you are not wasting the money you spent on them. If you want to freshen up the style of an old favourite outfit, we can help with that too!

Our expert clothing alterations team can take an outfit and remove frills, change a neckline, shorten sleeves or add colour block panels to give your outfit a completely fresh new look.

Why not call into our branch at 47 Hampstead High Street with your garment to find out how we can alter it for you.


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