It can be difficult to part company with a beloved piece of clothing because it has become damaged or no longer fits you like it once did. However, you don’t need to throw your garment away or waste money on buying a new outfit when you can let our dedicated team at American Dry Cleaning Company in Harpenden fix it for you instead!

Clothing repair, Harpenden

No matter whether you have broken the zip on your favourite pair of jeans, or you have torn the lining of your work skirt, or have snagged the hem of your trousers on your shoes and it has ripped the fabric, bring your garment into our clothing repair team in our Harpenden branch.

We will take a quick look at the damage and the condition of your garment and will be able to tell you right away if we can repair it for you.

It may be a simple job of replacing a zip, relining your skirt, sewing a torn jacket pocket back into place, or re-hemming your trousers to save your garment from being thrown into the landfill.

You would be surprised about how much clothing and fashion accessories our in-house repair teams have saved from the bin. We are pretty used to fixing small rips and holes in all sorts of clothing, including shirts, skirts, dresses, trousers, suits, jackets and overcoats. We can even fix that broken strap on your leather handbag and replace that broken zip on your sports bag – no need to buy a new one!

Tailor in Harpenden

Walking into a clothes shop and getting a suit, jacket or dress with a perfect fit right off the rack is like winning the lottery. Most off-the-peg clothing is made to fit average sizes, so it is not uncommon to find that a skirt or pair of trousers are too long or the sleeves of a jacket are too short.

The alternative is to have your clothes tailored to fit your measurements, but not everyone can afford to have an entire wardrobe full of tailored clothes. However, having a few key pieces of tailored clothes isn’t as expensive as you may think!

You can actually save yourself a lot of money by having a tailor-made outfit from our team in Harpenden. Our tailors use higher-quality fabrics than most clothing manufacturers use. Therefore, you will not only get a better cut for your figure, but you will also have an outfit that will look good for longer and won’t be prone to stretching, bagging and fading.

You will find that tailored outfits will long outlive commercial high-street clothing, saving you a lot of money on clothes in the long run.

Clothing alterations, Harpenden

While replacing a missing button on a shirt can be a simple task, the thought of altering your clothes to fit you once again is much more daunting. This is why it is best to leave your clothing alterations to our expert team in Harpenden.

There is no longer any need to consign your old clothes to the back of the wardrobe because they don’t fit you any longer. Why not dig out your old favourites and bring them to us to alter for you!

We can adjust seams, let out waistbands, shorten long dresses, remove old fashioned frills and ruffles that make your clothes look dated, and more.

Come in to see us at 2b Leyton Rd, Harpenden, and let our team discuss how we can give your clothes a second lease of life.

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