With more people living on a tight budget these days and wanting to save money on buying new clothes, our clothing repair and alteration services have been in ever-increasing demand.

While it can be simple to sew on a lost button here and there, many people need help with more specialist repairs, such as fixing fabric rips and moth holes. But unlike 100 years ago, where everyone had their clothes made and repaired by local tailors and seamstresses, these traditional industries have almost vanished from our towns and cities today.

However, the American Dry Cleaning Company offer specialist tailoring, clothing alterations and repairs in each of our London branches, including our Highgate High Street branch.

Clothing repair in Highgate High Street

Don’t worry if you have snagged your shirt sleeve on a door handle, or you have pulled out your winter coat from the wardrobe and noticed some unwanted moth holes. Our friendly and experienced clothing repair team in Highgate High Street are here for you!

Bring your damaged garments to us, and we will be able to tell you if we can repair them for you. We are experts at invisible mending and can make your clothes look as good as new. If you are worried about loose seams, torn pockets and cigarette burns ruining your clothes, we can fix them for you.

Expert tailor Highgate High Street

Sometimes we need the help of an expert tailor to help create a perfectly fitting outfit for a very special occasion. It can be nearly impossible to buy something ready-made off the peg that will fit you properly and isn’t going to bunch up at the waist or be too tight under the arms.

Unfortunately, ready-made clothes come in standard sizes that don’t fit everyone as they should. This is when you can call on the knowledge and expertise of our in-house, professionally trained London tailors for help.

If you have an upcoming special event and want to look your very best, why not pop in to see our tailoring team in our Highgate High Street branch to discuss your needs.

Clothing alterations Highgate High Street

We all have a favourite pair of jeans at home that we would never dream of parting with. Jeans use a lot of water to make, so it makes sense to keep them for as long as possible. However, they become worn out over time and can often not fit you as well as they once did.

This is when you bring your favourite pair of jeans to our alterations team in Highgate Street to take a look at. If they have ripped knees, we can patch them with more denim to stop them from falling apart.

We can reinforce seams where holes develop after years of use and replace the pocket linings that may have become torn and frayed. If you need a new zip or button fly or the waistband extended, we can do that for you too!

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