Can there be anything more annoying than slipping on your favourite trousers or skirt only to find that the zip has broken! Believe it or not, broken zips are one of the leading causes of people throwing away a perfectly good piece of clothing.

While the idea of replacing a zip may seem like a tricky task for most people, the easiest and most hassle-free way of getting a zip replaced and saving your clothes from the landfill is to bring them to our clothing repair team in Holland Park.

Clothing repair Holland Park

No matter if you need a broken zip replacing on a coat, pair of trousers, dress or skirt, or you need something repaired with more substantial damage, bring the garment into our clothing repair team at Holland Park to fix it for you.

Zip replacements are one of the most common repairs our team does for our regular dry cleaning customers. We will replace the zip to match the original fabric and sew it in with strong colour-matched thread to make your outfit look and feel as good as new.

We can take care of clothing repairs of all shapes and sizes. From re-attaching broken belt loops and replacing buttons to relining jackets, dresses and skirts and invisible mending moth holes and cigarette burns.

Professional tailor Holland Park

If you are tired of trying on off-the-peg work suits only to find that the jacket is too tight under the armpits, the trouser waistband sits too low, and your feet are being drowned in fabric, then you should consider having a suit tailor-made for you in our Holland Park branch.

Our in-house tailoring team have years of professional training, knowledge and experience to create a bespoke tailored suit to fit your unique measurements. There will be no more yards of material pooling around your ankles because our tailors will make a perfect break (where your trousers meet your shoes), and your jacket will fit comfortably without cutting off your underarm circulation.

Clothing alterations Holland Park

When you think about it, the clothes in your wardrobe have been an expensive investment for you. It is a shame that you have so many outfits sitting in your wardrobe that you cannot wear because they don’t fit you any longer.

There are some clothing items that we will never part with because of the memories they may hold. We also paid a lot of money for garments that we won’t throw away out of principle as it would be a waste of your hard-earned money to trash them.

Why not reinvigorate your wardrobe and breathe some life back into these old favourites and expensive items by having them altered to fit you now.

Whether you have gained or lost weight, our expert clothing alterations team in Holland Park can transform your long-neglected clothes and refresh your wardrobe with new pieces to wear.

Whether that involves taking in or letting out waistbands and seams, adding darts to nip in a waist on a dress, or removing yards of 80’s style ruffles and lace from a vintage outfit to bring it up to date, we have the skills and vision you need to make this happen.

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