If you need help with some clothes repairs or alterations, then do not hesitate to pop in to see our friendly team of clothing repair, alteration and tailoring specialists in our Islington branch of American Dry Cleaning Company.

We help new and regular customers to take great care of their clothes and extend their useful life by repairing damage and making alterations that will give long-abandoned garments at the back of the wardrobe a new lease of life!

Clothing repair Islington

While you may not need us to sew a button back on for you (or you might, we don’t know), repairing fabric tears and split seams is a job that will need professional help.

Seams can be straight, curved, or intersections like underarms or coats and jackets that frequently rip apart. Luckily, you can get torn seams repaired with our team in Islington quickly. Our seam repairs will be more robust because we will use stronger thread and seaming techniques often missing from off-the-peg clothes.

Even if you have split seams that have frayed edges, we have plenty of tricks of the trade to fix this for you. There is no need to throw away a favourite jacket, skirt or overcoat if the seams are coming apart. Bring them in for us to repair for you.

High-class tailor Islington

Sometimes you know the exact outfit you want in your head, but after hours of trawling online or browsing the rails of high street clothing stores, you simply cannot find your perfect outfit.

No matter if this is something for a very special occasion, or you want a garment made from a specific fabric, why not talk to our in-house tailoring team in our Islington branch.

If you have an idea in your head, our team of highly skilled tailors will probably be able to make it for you! Some of our customers bring in some images to explain what they want, from the shade of fabric to a basic design. If you feel this will help us, feel free to do this.

The great thing about using our tailoring services is that we will create you an outfit with the right sleeve length, waist measurements, chest and shoulder fit to look and feel fabulous.

Clothing alteration Islington

Fashions come and go, but everyone loves a vintage outfit! However, if you come across a vintage gem in a charity shop or on a second-hand clothing stall, there is no guarantee that the outfit will fit you.

Vintage outfits are great because you can pretty much guarantee that no one else will turn up to a party wearing the exact same outfit as you. But to make it look good on you, it may need a little nip or tuck here and there.

You may want to shorten a long dress to fall under the knee, take out the waistband, or replace the shoulder straps on a dress that may have become stretched over time. No matter what adjustments are needed, let our team at 338 Upper Street, Islington, take a look at your outfit to see what they can do.

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