At the American Dry Cleaning Company, we believe that our clothes are a valuable investment and define our personal style. We adore clothes and want to do our very best to help you keep your clothes looking good and feeling great to wear for as long as possible.

When you decide to invest in a long-term wardrobe, it is a smart move because you are helping to save the planet by wearing your clothes for longer. However, most clothing will need mending eventually, and that is why we offer a comprehensive range of clothing repairs, alterations and tailoring services in each of our London branches.

Clothing repair Kensington High Street

We find that most of our clothing repair requests are the result of regular wear. We mend a lot of seams, hems and replace broken zips that wear out over time. Seams and zips are integral to your clothing, and when they break down, it can be all too easy to simply throw out the garment instead of having it repaired.

However, if you spent a lot of money on the outfit, then saving it from the landfill by having an inexpensive repair done by our team in Kensington High Street will be much more cost-effective for both you and the planet.

What is also good about having your seams repaired by us is that we will reinforce your seams with strong thread that will help keep the integrity of your clothes higher for longer.

Tailoring in Kensington High Street

There was a time when local tailors had a shop on every corner. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. However, you can still get the same high-class service and attention to detail with our traditional tailoring services in our Kensington High Street branch.

Whether you want a complete business suit tailor-made to fit your measurements, or you need an off-the-peg work suit tailored to fit, you will need the specialist services of a professional tailor at some point.

There is no need to struggle with wearing ill-fitting work suits or clothes that don’t hang right for your body type. With our in-house tailoring team, you will get comfortable and smart looking clothes that give you a significant confidence boost.

Clothing alterations Kensington High Street

Getting your clothes altered to fit is a great way to breathe life into your wardrobe and bring back into rotation those old favourite outfits you have abandoned because they don’t fit you anymore.

Our highly skilled clothing alterations team in Kensington High Street know all the ins and outs of altering and adjusting clothes to make them fit you once again. We are often asked to makeover many long bridesmaids dresses, that although beautiful, are not exactly practical for regular wear.

We can shorten long dresses, add shoulder straps to strapless dresses, take in and streamline long and flowing gowns to give you a more sleek silhouette, and more!

Why not come in to see our clothing alterations team at 223 Kensington High Street to see how we can help you.


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