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Professional Alterations, Tailoring & Clothing Repairs in Kew.

American Dry Cleaning Company specialises in Alterations, Tailoring & Clothing Repairs in Kew

One of the most common issues our clothing repairs and alterations team in Kew are presented with is hem mending or alteration. Hemming is essential to stop the cut ends of fabric from fraying.

Having jeans and trousers shortened and hemmed will prevent them from dragging on the ground, catching on the heels of our shoes and tripping us up. However, hemming long skirts and dresses can help them fit better and look more custom-made for our height and measurements.

If you have recently purchased a new outfit that is a little long for you, then why not bring it into our team in Kew to take a look at for you.

Clothing repair Kew

Our customers choose the American Dry Cleaning Company because of our earth-friendly ethos. We want to do everything we can to help look after your clothes and enable you to wear them for longer.

This means expertly repairing any damage done to your clothes, so you don’t need to throw them away and add to the massive problem of too much perfectly good fabric going to the landfill.

We can replace broken zips, tighten up stretched buttonholes, repair rips, holes and split seams that would otherwise cause people to throw out an outfit for no good reason.

Our team can repair just about anything, including accessories such as broken handbag shoulder straps, sports bag zips and broken shoe buckles and straps.

Tailoring in Kew

American Dry Cleaning Company provide you with a convenient and high-quality Dress Tailoring service in Kew.You will no longer have to wait two weeks for that special item of clothing to be altered.You tell us when you need it, and we will deliver “on time, every time” – it’s as simple as that. Have your Dress shortened “while you wait,” or if you need a dress for a special occasion “tonight,” no problem.Come see us at tailor made if it’s that new purchase or restyling one of your old favorites.

Once upon a time, everyone had their clothes tailor-made to a certain extent. Those who couldn’t afford a tailor would make their own clothes at home. This was years before clothing factories and off-the-peg clothing was a thing.

We are proud to be able to offer our customers an expert tailoring service in our Kew branch, where you can have a complete outfit made to measure for you from scratch using your measurements. But we also offer tailoring services where you can bring an ill-fitting off-the-peg suit to us, and we will make all the necessary adjustments to make it fit.

The advantage of having your work suits or capsule wardrobe tailor-made is that you can choose fabrics and shades that are not commonly available from high-street outlets. Your clothes will be entirely unique for you and can give you great confidence that no one else will be wearing the same outfit as you.

Clothing alterations Kew

We take great pride in our clothing alteration services. Altering your clothes is a great way to get your old favourite outfits back into circulation if they no longer fit you. How many clothes do you have sitting in the back of your wardrobe that you love but no longer fit you? Why not bring them into our team in Kew so we can take a look and suggest ways to alter them to fit you once again.

You can find our Kew branch at 5 Royal Parade, Richmond. Why not drop in with any clothing that needs repairs or alterations and see how we can get you wearing them again with confidence.

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