One of the great benefits of our clothing repair and alterations services is that they allow you to wear those clothes in the back of your wardrobe that is either damaged or don’t fit you any longer.

We all have a section of our wardrobe filled with those outfits that we don’t want to part with, but for whatever reason, are not wearable any longer. This could be because of a torn pocket on your favourite jacket, a broken zip on a beautiful evening gown, or a pair of jeans that are too tight around the waist and no longer button up.

Clothing alterations Northcote Road

Our team of clothing alteration experts in Northcote Road are here for you when you need our help. If you have any clothes that need altering, why not bring them in with you the next time you drop off your dry cleaning.

We know how savvy our customers are and love it when they bring in some fantastic vintage or retro-style style clothes relatives have gifted them, or they found for sale in a vintage store or market stall.

If your vintage clothes don’t fit, then we can make the necessary alterations so that you can wear them with pride. We are often tasked with updating dated outfits to make them more contemporary, so we will alter puff sleeves, remove shoulder pads, shorten long dresses, remove ruffles, frills and sequins and replace old and faded buttons for new ones.

Tailoring services Northcote Road

With more people now realising that less is so much more, the shift towards owning a minimalist wardrobe has been gaining traction for a while now.

The trend among environmentally aware people is to narrow down their contribution towards fast-fashion waste and build on a more sustainable and long-lasting capsule wardrobe. This new wardrobe-focused tidying activity fully embraces personal tailoring, where you can mix and match several key tailor-made pieces to offer plenty of variety all year round.

One of the great things about having your clothes tailored is that there will be zero chance of someone else walking into an event or large gathering wearing the exact same off-the-peg outfit.

Why not call in to see our expert tailoring team in Northcote Road and make a start on your tailor-made capsule wardrobe. You can slowly add key pieces to your collection over the year until you have your own unique, sustainable wardrobe.

Clothing repairs Northcote Road

Another way to reduce the number of unused clothes in your wardrobe is to get any needed repairs done. It is such a shame to abandon a pretty summer dress because the shoulder strap has snapped. Don’t abandon that beautiful silk jacket because the lining has torn.

Bring in any clothes that need repair to our dedicated clothing repair team in Northcote Road, and we will fix them for you! You can find us at 77 Northcote Road, London.

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