We all love our clothes. If we didn’t we wouldn’t have bought them, so after spending so much time and money on them it is a shame not to make the most of what clothes we already own!

Did you know that the average person only uses about 70 per cent of their wardrobe? It’s true! Just about everyone has a bit of their wardrobe where they abandon those clothes that don’t fit any more or have sustained some damage that makes them unwearable.

We are sure that if you took a peek in your wardrobe right now, there would be plenty of outfits that you can bring back into rotation with a simple nip, tuck or repair that our team in Primrose Hill can take care of for you.

Clothing alterations Primrose Hill

By fixing the clothes you have in your wardrobe that no longer fit you, you can save money on having to buy new clothes. If you think about it, to leave your clothes sitting in the wardrobe unused is simply a waste of your money.

Our clothing alterations team in Primrose Hill can take your measurements and adjust your clothes and make some alterations to them so you will have even more great outfits to put on. We bet that you have something lovely sitting in your wardrobe right now that you would love to wear again, so why not bring it to us to fix for you!

Clothing repairs Primrose Hill

Giving your wardrobe a good spring clean is always helpful. It can help you to spot any damage to your clothes that you haven’t noticed. Sometimes it can come as a surprise to find moths have been living the high life in the back of your wardrobe, leaving holes in your clothes in the most prominent places.

Don’t worry – and don’t throw these damaged clothes away! Bring them into our clothing repair team in Primrose Hill, and we will examine the damage and tell you if we can make the necessary repairs for you.

We can take care of all those little things that annoy you about wearing your clothes. For example, we can fix that shoulder strap on your favourite dress that keeps slipping down. How about that zip that won’t stay up on your skirt – we can replace that zip too.

Or how about the stretched buttonholes on that silk shirt that won’t hold together – we can make them smaller, so your shirt stays buttoned up.

Tailoring services in Primrose Hill

We all have an occasion to have a tailor-made outfit created for us. Whether it is for your own wedding, a milestone wedding anniversary, or a mother of the bride outfit, having something made to measure will look good and feel fabulous.

Our tailors in Primrose Hill are also used to making made to measure business suits for the office or special corporate events where you need to look your very best. There is nothing better for your image and self-confidence than to give a presentation in a tailored suit.

From office suites to evening gowns, our talented tailoring team in Primrose Hill can make you a tailor-made outfit that you can guarantee no one else will be wearing.

Why not drop in and chat to our in-house clothing repairs, alterations and tailoring team about your needs. You can find us at 81 Regent’s Park Road, London.

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