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Clothing Repairs in Richmond

Introduce your off-the-rack Repairs outfit to our Richmond location.

People living in the United Kingdom have clothes in their wardrobes worth hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.However, estimated 30% of the average wardrobe has not been made to wear in the last year.

In many cases, people prefer not to wear specific clothes because they have slight damage that is easy to repair.  There isn’t much that our talented clothing repair team in Richmond can’t fix, whether it’s a caterpillar hole or cigarette destroy in a winter coat, a torn cloth on an evening gown, or a jacket that’s separating at the seams.

Alterations, Tailoring & Clothing Repairs in Richmond, London

Professional Alterations, Tailoring & Clothing Repairs in Richmond

American Dry Cleaning Company offers a high-quality Services to protect your clothing.

Even the most expensive fashion labels’ ready-made clothes are customized to fit a range of standard sizes. As a consequence, alterations will be required to make an outfit fit you perfectly.

While replacing a zip may appear to be a difficult task for most people, bringing your clothes to our clothing repair team in Richmond is the simplest and most hassle-free way of getting a zip replaced and saving your clothes from the landfill.


Professional Tailoring Services In Richmond

We guarantee to provide the Tailoring service you desire at a price you can afford.

We all must wear at least one special outfit that is specially designed to fit us. Whether it’s a suit for your wedding day or a truly one-of-a-kind evening gown that you can wear with confidence, realising that no one else will walk through the door wearing the same attire.Richmond Tailor-made clothing will fit your body perfectly.

The difference between how you feel and look in a tailor-made clothing and a ready-to-wear version is night and day.

Alterations In Richmond

American Dry Cleaning Company offers a Quality Clothing Alterations  in Richmond.

Introduce your off-the-rack outfit to our Richmond location. Our in-house clothing alteration experts will gladly make any necessary alterations to make sure that your clothes fit perfectly. It’s possible that you have some older outfits in your closet that you never thought you’d wear again.
With our guidance, you can breathe new life into your wardrobe and dig out old favourites to wear again, whether you have lost or gained weight.

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