Looking for Best Tailoring Services in London?

American Dry Cleaning Company are provide clothing alterations and best tailoring services based within the city of London offering same day service alterations for women and gentlemen.

Our focus is top quality at reasonable prices, we pride ourselves on a superb quality of labor and repair for the advantage of our customers.

Our passion about what we do and reputation are important for us and we can guarantee that you simply are going to be pleased with the results of our work.

With over 20 years of experience during this field, we are able to share with you the passion, responsibility, promptness and seriousness with which we work.

Best Tailoring Service

Tailoring and Alteration work we do:

  • Dresses and skirts tailoring & alterations
  • Bridal alterations
  • Blouses and shirts alterations
  • Trousers and jeans alterations
  • Ladies and men suits alterations
  • Zip replacement
  • Jackets or Coats alterations and re-lining
  • Lengthening, Shortening & Let Out Services
  • Restoration, Resize or Repair services

Tailoring, Alteration and Repairs

If you’re trying to find an area where you’ll find top-notch Tailoring & Alteration Services that’s American Dry Cleaning Company. Yes, this is where traditional styles merge with modern trends and emerge with absolutely adorable suiting solutions.

Ever found your dream clothing but it didn’t suit you perfectly? You’re not alone. Often, once you say yes to a dress, shirt or jeans, you need some alterations before you rock it.

Your wedding wears are not excluded; you would possibly look too unusual if you didn’t do some alterations on your wedding cloth.

American Dry Cleaning Company offers groom and bridal alteration and best tailoring service to form what you wear suit you on your big day. Without a doubt, brides often experience a rise in weight closer to their wedding dates, and this involves alteration. We’ve some secret styling tricks and concepts up our sleeves, and that we implement these to make you look more ‘pulled together.’ Tieing the knot is a joyous and wonderful thing and deserves that you simply appear in your best style. Alter your bridal gown to suit you; then you’ll appreciate and feel the difference.

We don’t just alter your clothes to make you look fit only on your wedding day; we got your back even on casual days. Our best tailoring service and alteration experts alter both formal and informal clothes. Your jeans, shirts, trousers and more will look better on you. Let’s do the magic!


Best Tailoring Service for:

Blouses & Shirts

Both the shirt and therefore the blouse can be worn on a suit or individually, no matter its color or style, the simplest choice is a slim tailored shirt or blouse with cuffs and collar in perfect shape. In a casual outfit, the shirt could also be a lighter idea – but not wide! For the smart casual, you’ve got the liberty to juggle with open or collared shirts, with or without a tie, with cuffs flowing under the sleeves of a blazer or blown immediately above the elbow.

For a sensible business suit you would like a shirt to suit perfectly, to not see cuffs quite 0.5 inch below the sleeve of a jacket, if you’ve got long sleeves you’ll shorten by removing the cuff, isolating the excess material and trimming the cuff in place. It also can fit into the side seam and sleeve to reduce excess material or to feature darts at the rear if your shirt or blouse is large.


The jacket should be the main dress piece during a gentleman’s wardrobe. It’s the most element in creating any kind of outfit. It’s a piece so versatile that it’s stood the test of your time and that we can never say that a jacket isn’t fashionable. A jacket are often a chic piece but at an equivalent time it also can be casual, which is its beauty. It can be worn by anyone, anytime, it must look flawless. If your jacket don’t suits your body shape we will assist with our experience and dedication for tailoring to reshape and make your jacket to feat your body properly.