As well as professional dry cleaning services, the American Dry Cleaning Company also offer our customers expert clothing alterations and repairs in London.

If you have a favourite jacket, skirt, pair of trousers or a coat that doesn’t fit as well as it once did, you don’t need to throw it away. Instead, why not bring it into us to alter for you.

Each of our dry cleaning outlets in London offers a full-service of care to our customers that include making repairs to damaged garments and letting out, taking in, shortening or lengthening clothes to make them fit better.

Whether you need some professional invisible mending, lost buttons replaced, torn seams repaired, broken shoulder straps mended, or any alterations to make wearing your clothes more comfortable, we can do this for you!


Specialist alterations

You may have a well-treasured and much-beloved wedding dress that has been passed down the generations for new family brides to wear on their big day. We are experts in all types of fabric alterations, and our team have the skills and experience needed to alter precious, one-off items of clothing such as wedding dresses.

We can alter or completely restyle wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses and other bridal wear so you can wear these special items of clothes over again, yet adapt them to keep up with new styles and fashion trends.

But it’s not just fabric clothing we can repair or alter. We can also handle clothing made from natural materials such as leather, suede and wool. Our repair expertise extends to handbags and shoes too, so don’t worry if just one element of your wedding ensemble needs some TLC – bring it to us and we will be able to help you.

We take care of the little things

American Dry Cleaning Company provides a wide range of alterations and repairs across all our branches. Our repair and alterations specialists also take care of the little things such as zips, buttons, hook and eye fastenings, lacings and embellishments.

It is often the smallest of details that make an outfit complete. If you have a favourite dress that you love to wear, but the zip keeps coming undone, or the buttons keep popping open on your waistcoat when you sit down, we can carry out even the tiniest of bespoke repairs.

Sometimes it can be a small thing that is causing an issue that only needs a tiny fix, such as fixing buttonholes that have become stretched over time, or fitting a new zip and adding a discreet hook and eye fastening to keep a dress together and prevent the zip from opening.

Invisible mending for accidental damage

All of our branches offer a fast turnaround for repairs and alterations, so if you notice that a favourite outfit has gained a cigarette burn, moth hole, a snag or small tear, you can bring it to us where we can perform invisible mending or reweaving to make the damaged area look as near perfect as possible.

Find out more about our repairs and alterations services or give us a call to discuss your needs. We will be happy to advise you about what work will be needed and how long it is likely to take.