Your clothes can be fun and expressive, but don’t forget that your clothes wardrobe was also very expensive!

While most of us are now far more mindful about reducing the number of old clothes we send to the landfill when your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, but your purse or wallet is relatively empty, it makes so much sense to re-wear what you already have.

It is worth investing in some long-lasting, quality pieces that will never go out of fashion, such as a good pair of jeans. But if they no longer fit you as they should, the American Dry Cleaning Company makes it easy for you to get them altered, which is far more cost-effective and less wasteful than throwing them away and buying a new pair!

Treasure your jeans for longer

A good pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple that we cannot live without for most of us. They can become a treasured piece of clothing that holds many happy memories, so you may loathe the idea of throwing them away when they no longer fit.

Instead of consigning your old jeans to the back of the wardrobe, why not give them a new lease of life! When you fix the clothes that you own, you will be saving a lot of textile waste going to the landfill and reinvigorating your wardrobe. It can also be much cheaper to ‘make do and mend’ than to replace a good pair of jeans with new ones.

While it may seem simple to donate your old jeans to a charity shop and just buy a new pair, if you genuinely love your jeans and want to hang on to the memories they contain for longer, then it makes sense to make them last by having them professionally altered by our in-house tailoring team at the American Dry Cleaning Company.

Jeans alteration service London

You will be spending far less money having your jeans altered than going out and buying a new quality pair. Plus, new jeans always need to be broken in to feel less stiff. If you choose to alter your jeans instead of throwing them away, when you get them back, they will feel like new but reassuringly familiar and comfortable.

Your local American Dry Cleaning Company outlet will give you the first-class service your jeans deserve. If you have a favourite pair of jeans that don’t fit right, have torn pockets, have well-worn patches that are thinning out, or you need the waistband letting out or taken in, we are the team to trust!

We often get asked to alter a treasured pair of jeans to fit another family member, such as a younger sibling having a pair of designer jeans handed down to them. We are used to shortening jeans, altering the waistband and adjusting the seams to fit. Just bring the jeans in for us to examine, and we can assess them and tell you what alterations and improvements we can make.

Do not hesitate to bring your jeans to your local branch to look at, or contact us for our advice. We are here to help!