Did you know that the American Dry Cleaning Company has a team of amazing staff in every outlet that is skilled in tailoring and repairs? It is surprising to us when we get customers coming into our branches to drop off their dry cleaning or laundry that have no idea we also offer these amazing and valuable services!

In this day and age of trying to reverse the effects of throw-away fashion, there really is no reason to ditch a favourite top because it has snagged a hole or has a torn seam. It’s the same for your work suits – there is no need to replace a jacket, suit trousers or skirt because of some accidental damage they receive.

Our team are highly skilled in repairs and invisible mending techniques that are so valuable for restoring a treasured vintage garment, repairing a work suit or saving a favourite top from being thrown the bin.

Repurpose and reuse with our tailoring services

There is also no need to throw away clothes that no longer fit you or were purchased to wear for only one day, such as a bridesmaid dress.

Not only can our trained team do expert repairs, but they can also alter waistbands, replace zips, sew on new buttons, alter hemlines and repurpose outfits to look like something completely new!

For example, how many of you reading this has an old bridesmaid dress sitting in the back of your wardrobe taking up valuable storage space? You may have only worn the dress once, but there is no reason why you cannot wear it again!

OK, unless your bride had excellent taste and gave you an amazing bridesmaid dress that you would be happy to wear again as-is, most bridesmaid dresses are designed not to let the wearer outshine the bride on her big day.

However, while the idea of wearing that bridesmaid dress again may fill you with horror, why not repurpose it with the help of our friendly tailoring team into something spectacular!

What to do with your old bridesmaid dress

If your dress is light-coloured and made from cotton, linen, silk or rayon, why not dye it black and let our tailoring team turn it into a slinky evening dress! We can get rid of any frou-frou frills, puff sleeves and other fancy embellishments that will get rid of that bridesmaid look.

Or how about turning that floor-length bridesmaid dress into a flirty short number to show off your summer legs? If your dress is strapless, we can take the excess material and add some shoulder straps to make you feel more comfortable.

If you are lucky enough to have a gorgeous bridesmaid dress that is ready to wear, but may not fit you as well now as it did back then, we can do a little clever tailoring to get it to fit perfectly once again!

Do you love the skirt but hate the top of the dress? Then why not allow our team to splice the skirt with a favourite top to give you a beautiful maxi dress that is ready to dazzle. Adding a cute top to a flowing skirt will make the most of the best bits of your dress.

Or how about this for a unique idea! If it has been many years since you wore the dress and you have a little one that would love their very own princess dress for parties or dressing up games, why not allow our tailoring team to transform it for your child to wear.

Why not talk to your local team today about our tailoring and repair services. We will be able to answer your questions and book you our most appropriate service.