Experience Expert Dry Cleaning Services with American Dry Cleaning Company. We Care for Your Clothes as Much as You Do.

We take pride in offering the best dry cleaning services in town at American Dry Cleaning Company. Our experienced team of professionals is committed to giving your clothes the utmost care and attention. We use cutting-edge technology and equipment to remove even the most stubborn stains while maintaining the quality of your garments. We work with a variety of fabrics, including delicate silks and intricate beading, and provide additional services such as alterations and repairs to ensure your clothing looks its best. You can rely on us to care for your clothes as much as you do, thanks to our dedication to quality and exceptional customer service. American Dry Cleaning Company provides the best in dry cleaning services.

The American Dry Cleaning Company was founded by Julian Stone. The first branch in the American Embassy and so the name was born.

Today there are over 40 branches throughout London. We offer a range of specialist service including cleaning delicate evening wear, suede and leather, soft toys, full laundry service, curtains, blinds and rugs. We implement environmentally friendly technology and are proud to be recognised as the as ‘the greener dry cleaner’. Our branches have a wide selection of shoe and garment care products, as well as on-site tailoring. We offer a collection and delivery service.

….Life is too short to fold fitted sheets…..

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