Laundry. It’s inevitable! We wear clothes every day come rain or shine, so, therefore, there will always be a growing pile of laundry sitting in the corner of the room taunting you every time you walk past it.

While our washing machines tend to be one of the most used household gadgets in our homes, the act of running a wash cycle so often isn’t actually doing much to help prolong the life of our most treasured outfits, especially whites that have a habit of turning grey after a few washes, and woollens that start to develop those little annoying wool bobbles, a process called pilling which makes your jumpers look old before their time.

For those who regularly use dry cleaning services for clothes made from very delicate fabrics, you can appreciate how dry cleaning them helps to preserve their shape, condition and colour. So it does raise the question – can I dry clean everything in my wardrobe?

Dry cleaning: A necessity or a luxury?

We already know that by dry cleaning delicate clothing it can help to extend the life of our favourite clothes, so we already know that dry cleaning is a necessity in our lives if we want to keep hold of and continue wearing our favourite threads.

We also already know that doing the laundry is a necessity if we want to be able to wear clean clothes each day, but doing laundry comes at a high cost. Not only does regular machine washing, drying, ironing and folding take up a lot of our precious time, but in these busy times living in the 21st-century, our time is very limited.

Having the convenience of dry cleaning services at our fingertips can seem like a living luxury, but in fact, there is a good reason for choosing to dry clean everything in your wardrobe and that is giving you the luxury of extra time!

By freeing you of your regular laundry tasks, you can let your imagination run wild thinking how better to spend the time you have saved. How about actually going to the gym instead of promising yourself that you will? Why not spend your evening having a romantic meal with your partner instead of doing laundry?

How about scheduling more quality family time with a regular family games night, a trip to the cinema or choosing a family day out at the weekend instead of wading your way through a mountain of ironing? Sounds good, right?

More TLC for your clothes

Another bonus for your purse or wallet by choosing to dry clean your clothes is that the process of dry cleaning is much more gentle on your clothes, therefore you won’t need to throw out and replace your clothes so often.

Dry cleaning is a powerful way to get rid of stains but is far gentler and less abrasive on the fabrics of your clothes that putting them through a cycle in the washing machine. You will already know that delicate and often fragile fabrics such as silk and satin benefit greatly from dry cleaning, but professional dry cleaners such as us know exactly how to care for clothes made from every fabric on the planet.

A lot of clothes that have embellishments, such as sequins, pearls and gems would become damaged and would fall apart quickly in a washing machine. We know how to treat every garment in the right way, caring for your clothes to keep them exactly how you like them.

So, the next time you ask yourself, can I dry clean everything in my wardrobe? The simple answer is YES! Yes, you can.