Finally! As of 1st March, Springtime is officially here and whilst the weather doesn’t seem immediately warmer, the day are certainly getting longer and at the end of this month, we enter British Summer time! We did it!

This Spring, all across the UK, we’re seeing more and more sunshine after weeks of rain, the Daffodils are out and there are green shoots on trees. With that, however, comes household cleaning.

If you’re not keen on the dustpan and brush though, try taking a fresh approach, especially with your clothes; reorganise, recycle, and begin the new season on the right foot.

At American Dry Cleaning Company, we’ve been helping to clean and refresh the wardrobes of London for many years. We’ve learnt as many tips as we’ve taught, and we look forward to helping all of our clients again this Spring.

Here are our top tips for making your Spring clothes clean a breeze!

Start Spring cleaning with the important stuff

The one-year rule is the best practice when going through your wardrobe. The rule states that if you haven’t worn a garment in the last 12 months, it’s fine to either sell or donate it. There are exceptions to the rule however, and heirlooms, tuxedos and ball-gowns that don’t often get donned can stay there looking elegant.

Generally though, twelve months helps the truth come through. You can prioritise the clothes you want to keep and the ones that others can benefit from. After going through your wardrobe with the one-year rule in place, you’ll be left with plenty of available hangers and a semi-blank space to fill with new and properly fitting styles.

Dry Clean Winter Jackets

Most people wear the same one or two jackets for the whole of Winter. Logically, it makes sense. Winter coats are usually thick and robust – they have to be for the English Winter!

However, with so much wear, keeping your jackets clean prior to storing can help increase their longevity. At American Dry Cleaning Company, we clean all types of fabrics and materials, including leather, wool, suede, fur and nylon. Additionally, for jackets that have wear-and-tear marks, we provide all types of alterations to restore your garment to a shelf-new condition.

Find Your Donation Spots

One situation you want to avoid is failing to follow through with transporting unwanted or unneeded items to prospective drop-off points. They’ll just sit, either in the car, or worse still, in the house, waiting until your next major clean. Planning out your closest donation drop-off spots will help keep your eye on the clothing Spring cleaning prize.

Finding Space

Let’s say you’ve cleaned, donated, and sold just about everything you can. You’re still having trouble finding space for everything or you just want to move more things out of the way. Consider using furniture and luggage as storage.

Old, once-functional trunks can now become decorative pieces in your home to store items like blankets or children’s toys. Even current luggage can make for excellent storage and will usually sit nicely in a closet or under a bed.

American Dry Cleaning Company – London’s premier dry cleaning service

Our main tip is to bring all your Spring and Summer wear into American Dry Cleaning Company if you want the best results. As the days get longer and the sun starts to thaw our chilly fingers, you’ll be needing more and more cotton t-shirts and blouses. The thing is, as the temperatures go up, so do the number of washes.

Based in over thirty locations all around London, American Dry-Cleaning Company specialises in very high quality and eco-friendly dry-cleaning, kind to your clothing as well as the environment.

At American Dry-Cleaning Company, we consider ourselves the leading name in quality and first-class dry-cleaning service in London, so by combining our vast experience, our wide-ranging know-how and our great reputation, we’re the place to come to keep your wardrobe spotless.

So, whether it’s your work shirts, T-shirts, bed sheets, short skirts, jackets, jerseys, jumpers, jodhpurs, handbags, glad rags, posh boots, posher suits, scarves and hats, rugs or mats, teddy-bears or hipster flares, come into one of our branches and let us take care of it all.

Spring has sprung – let us take care of the laundry!