We’re currently living in difficult times regarding global health. As the Covid19 Coronavirus spreads from country to country and a global pandemic seems likely, nearly all of us are re-analysing the way we live our lives on a sanitary level.

Face-masks have sold out of nearly every shop, and hand-sanitiser is being rationed by chemists all over the country. Add to all this the fact that the UK government has had to release an official information campaign on handwashing, as well as how to cough, sneeze and shake hands, it’s evident that people everywhere are undergoing a culture shift regarding germs.

Is social distancing for sanitary reasons here to stay? Will elbow-bumping become an accepted form of salutation? Or is this all an over-reaction?

What is certain is that people will have to get better at reducing the spreading of germs.

So, what’s an effective way of killing harmful bacteria that can linger on sensitive surfaces? You’ve guessed it – dry cleaning.

Staying sensible with viruses

With the cold weather still freezing our fingers and chilling our bones, having a sniffle as you walk around in cold winds and drizzle isn’t uncommon. However, as mentioned, the risk awareness has been escalated to such an extent that we’re currently in a phase of containment and quarantine.

Although this may seem like an over-reaction, it is the sensible thing to do. After all, although you may not be affected directly, you could pass something potentially harmful on to an elderly person or somebody with respiratory problems and the repercussions, as we’ve seen, can be fatal.

Coronavirus is spread like any other virus – through droplets released into the air by coughing or sneezing. Crucially, these bacteria can easily be transferred via soft surfaces too.

In order to stay safe and mitigate the risks of spreading anything harmful on your cold-weather clothes, we recommend dry cleaning the following fabrics and materials.


Fur coats contain special oils that provide the glossy shine you love. That same shine acts like a magnet that attracts dust and bacteria, making your beautiful coat looking drab, as well as a transportation method for germs. Bring your fur coat to American Dry Cleaning Company to effectively eliminate any dust, dirt, or unwanted microbes.


Winter coats with down need special care in order to provide the reliable warmth that makes them so popular. Simply washing your down-filled coat in the washing machine is likely to displace the down and negatively impact its ability to keep you warm.

Aside from this, down is a great material for germs and dirt, so by letting American Dry Cleaning Company handle the job for you, not only will we keep the down safe and your coat looking great year after year, but we’ll get rid of the harmful germs that travel with you.


Similarly, always dry clean a wool coat at the beginning and the end of the coldest months of the year. When the weather starts to warm up, store your wool coat in a garment bag. This protects it from moths, germs, lice and ticks.

Suede and Leather

Like fur, a leather coat has oil that provides a nice sheen. Professionally cleaning suede and leather ensures this oil doesn’t wash. In addition to dulling the natural shine, home detergents may weaken the material, making it more prone to tearing. Clean your suede and leather coat at least four times a year on a consistent basis. The longer the time between cleaning, the more difficult it is to safely remove layers of dirt, stains and unwanted bacteria.

Dry Cleaning is the best way to remove the risk

There is, in fact, a huge problem with loading all your clothes into the washing machine if you want to avoid spreading germs. At least one contaminated item will spread the germs to most of the other items. What’s more, the detergent and the water temperature in the machine don’t kill these resistant germs and bacteria either. Influenza viruses and gastroenteritis germs can easily survive your wash cycle.

Getting your garments, linen and household upholstery dry cleaned at American Dry Cleaning Company which is the most sensible choice.

The state-of-the-art equipment we have at American Dry Cleaning Company means our processes tackle the most harmful microorganisms. We use special chemicals to help get the everyday dirt removed, whilst simultaneously, the strong heat in the dryer eliminates the infectious germs. This is something you just can’t do at home.

In addition to our cleansing solvents, it’s been proven that the extreme temperatures of steam pressing clothes kill germs, allergens, and bacteria. Moreover, it doesn’t just kill sickness-related germs but also effectively tackles odour-causing bacteria and allergens.

The high heat steaming procedures that we use at American Dry Cleaning Company are the safest way to get rid of nasty bacteria from all your fabrics.

Not only do we take away the hassle of conducting the complicated and detailed processes yourself, at the risk of overexerting your washing machine, but we can also expose the fabrics to repeated high heat that home machines don’t.

Altogether, American Dry Cleaning Company is the most effective, safest way to kill germs that can be unwittingly transported on your jumpers, coats and scarves.

You should seriously consider dry cleaning your clothes to mitigate the risks of carrying viruses along with you, sharing them with everyone on the Tube!