Sometimes people don’t know what we mean when we say that American Dry Cleaning Company is an eco-friendly dry cleaning service. It simply means that when you come to us with your dry clean only clothes or other household fabrics that we only use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions in our dry cleaning processes.

No doubt that you may have visited a dry cleaner over the years to get an outfit dry cleaned, but conventional dry cleaning has its drawbacks.

In traditional dry cleaning outlets, the main cleaning solvent used is something called perchloroethylene, or perc for short. This cleaning solvent is very hazardous to the environment and must be treated as hazardous waste when disposing of it.

The chemical can be harmful to plants and can contaminate groundwater, and could be detrimental to the health of the people using it. This is why our management team at American Dry Cleaning Company chose to invest in eco-friendly cleaning solutions from the companies inception.

A better choice for the environment

By choosing to use our dry cleaning services at American Dry Cleaning Company, you are helping to lessen the impact on the environment and help our staff to avoid any possible dangers associated with working with less than favourable cleaning solutions.

We only use cleaning solutions that are perc-free and are environmentally safe. Our company also like to be on the cutting-edge of research and development so only use the most modern energy-saving cleaning machinery and equipment.

In both our wet and dry cleaning processes, we use specialist machines and a much-reduced amount of environmentally friendly cleaning detergent to safely clean your clothes that consume a fraction of the water and energy than traditional dry cleaning processes.

Looking after your special care outfits

You may have special outfits that contain embellishments and delicate decorative materials that will certainly need to be cleaned by specialist dry cleaners.

Embellished pieces such as lace, velvet, silk, pearls, crystals, and buttons made from natural materials such as wood and mother of pearl can be damaged by conventional washing machines – but also by the harsh chemicals used in traditional dry cleaning.

Wedding dresses are a good example of a special care outfit that needs specialist dry cleaning following the wedding day. The process of dry cleaning doesn’t use water to soak the fabric of the dress but instead uses a gentle, eco-friendly solvent to dissolve and remove dirt and stains.

Wedding dresses are only worn for one day, but they can be subjected to an intense day of picking up all sorts of dirt and grime, from grass and soil stains picked up from the hem being trodden on while dancing or walking on grass, to make up smudges and tears from endless hugs.

Greasy finger marks and white wine or champagne splashes can discolour the delicate fabrics of your gown if not properly removed. All of these hidden stains can be removed without damaging the embellishments on your gown with our eco-friendly dry-cleaning solutions.

If you have a special outfit that you want dry cleaned using eco-friendly cleaning solutions, then do not hesitate to contact your local branch of American Dry Cleaning Company for our help.