American Dry Cleaning Company are proud to announce that we have won the Green Impact award at the 2021 Laundry and Dry Cleaning Awards (LADA). The award ceremony took place on Thursday November 4th 2021 and celebrates exceptional talent, expertise, and innovation in the professional textile care industry.

We have always prided ourselves on our green credentials. 30 years ago, we took the conscious decision to research and invest in how to dry clean and launder high-end garments in a more eco-friendly, non-toxic and odour free environment, whilst reducing our carbon footprint – something we have continued to incorporate and evolve in the decades that have passed.

Our low carbon footprint is achieved by:

  • Investing in bespoke water filtration systems, recycling 85% of the water we use, distillation chemistry to clean and reuse up to 60% of solvents in our processes and odour free wet cleaning technology developed by Miele and Krussler from Wiesbaden in Germany. This saves over 8000 litres of water per day
  • A cooling tower system to recycle the water that cools our dry-cleaning machines.
  • Sourcing 70% biodegradable licensed plastics from Scandinavia for our packaging.
  • Recycle 80% of our cardboard packaging waste
  • Recycle 90% of our steam heating for our production units
  • Use environmentally friendly wet-cleaning technology
  • Giving a bio-degradable garment bag for life to every customer, allowing us to move away from single use plastics
  • Using phosphate free detergents
  • Use heat pump technology to help generate energy savings in all our dry cleaning machines
  • Optimising machine configurations to use the least amount of energy, steam and water necessary
  • Recycle hangers and packaging plastics
  • Using only ULEV, electric powered vans to eliminate our carbon emissions on the road.
  • Digitalising our internal processes to go filly paper free by implementing new and modern cloud Human Resources software, a new online Booking system and a Paperless value to our company culture

Working to be “The greener dry cleaner” has always been at the heart of everything we do, and we are very proud to say this has been recognised with the Green Impact award. Our efforts have been recognised by The European Union Standards Agency who have previously presented us with a EU environmental certification for our contribution.

On behalf of everyone at American Dry Cleaning Company, we are honoured to receive this award and aim to build on this in the years to come to become ever-greener, finding more ways to reduce our carbon footprint even further.