If you have ever watched one of those home decluttering and cleaning programmes on TV, you may be very surprised to hear that a lot of people can leave their bedsheets in place for weeks… sometimes even months! (Oh, the horror!)

This got our team at the American Dry Cleaning Company thinking. How often should you clean your household linens and textiles? Is there such a thing as a cleaning schedule that householders can follow for cleaning items like pillows, duvets, bed sheets, sofa throws and rugs?

In fact, it turns out that most of these household items should be cleaned more often than we might think! Our team did a bit of digging and have come up with some useful suggestions about how often to clean the everyday items that we tend to take for granted.

You could even draw up your own cleaning schedule from our tips and suggestions for each room of your house. Remember that we are here to help you with the regular laundering of your household fabrics with our Same Day Dry Cleaning & Laundry To Your Doorstep full laundry service.

Bed Sheets


The experts at the National Sleep Foundation recommend that we wash our bed sheets and pillowcases every week. Why so often? This is because your bed sheets and pillowcases collect plenty of grime in the form of sweat, skin cells, makeup, face creams, food and drink spills, and dust mites – yuck!

While you can change your pillowcases on a weekly basis with your bedsheets, your pillows should be washed periodically too! Your pillows can catch and trap the same yucky stuff that your sheets and pillowcases do. The National Sleep Foundation recommend washing pillows at least every six months if you can bear the thought of leaving them that long….

Your duvet or bed blankets won’t get as dirty as your bed sheets or duvet cover, but just like your pillows, they will still need regular washing. Two to three times a year is the recommendation of the National Sleep Council, and you can time this with the change of the seasons to make remembering easier for you.

If you don’t have the time or the capacity to regularly launder these items, then make good use of our laundry and dry-cleaning services as we have the specialist cleaning equipment to handle and clan large and bulky items, such as duvets, pillows, rugs and curtains.


Your bath towels are things that you use after a bath or shower and then you quickly forget about them. Can you remember the last time you washed your bath towel? We will wait…

Most cleanliness experts recommend you wash your bath towels after three or four uses, so if you shower every day, you should be using a fresh towel at least twice per week.

Do you have a shower curtain? If you don’t have a purpose-built glass-enclosed shower, then most likely you will use a fabric shower curtain to protect your bathroom floor from spray and water splashes.

Cleaning experts recommend washing your shower curtain once per month to help prevent the build-up of soap scum and stains along the bottom of the curtain that not only looks ugly but can make your shower curtain pong!

It is reassuring to know that you can throw your shower curtain into your laundry collection for our team to wash and deliver back to you, fresh and clean and looking as good as new.

Why not book our same-day full laundry service to give your household fabrics and fresh spring clean. We even offer a free collection and delivery service!