American Dry Cleaning Company specialises in dry cleaning of all types including your household textile and fabric items dry cleaning. There is nothing we cannot handle for you! We can clean your cushion covers, sofa throws, duvets, pillows, blankets, bedspreads, area rugs and curtains.

A lot of people own beautiful Persian or Oriental rugs and plush curtains made of expensive fabric, so obviously they don’t want them to look grubby or pick up food and drink stains or marks from greasy fingers.

If you want to keep your curtains, rugs and other household fabrics looking clean and smelling fresh, it is wise to have them professionally cleaned regularly to get rid of trapped dust, hairs, odours, pollen, food smells, dead skin cells and dust mites that can quickly build up over time.

Keeping your household fabrics dust and grime free is also good for your health if you or anyone in your family suffer from allergies, such as asthma, hay fever or are sensitive to pet dander.

Avoid creasing and shrinkage

Although some of your household fabrics can stand up to a lot of wear, such as floor rugs, washing them in a conventional washing machine can be very damaging to the material. Our cleaning processes help to remove dust, dirt and grime without damaging fibres or causing your fabrics to shrink, stretch out of shape or wrinkle and crease.

Our expert cleaning teams use specialist rung and curtain cleaning equipment that clean deeply without shrinking or stretching the fabric out of shape. Our curtain take-down and re-hang service will make your life so easy that you’ll wonder why you never did it ages ago!

Revive your rugs

Naturally, you will want to vacuum your rugs regularly to help keep them clean, especially if you have pets in your home, or young children running around with a tendency to spill and drop food and drink wherever they go.

However, some of the dirt and grime your rugs pick up will work its way too deep into the rug pile for your vacuum to be effective. Dirt and grime can build up over time and act to damage your rug pile, leaving your rugs looking worn with broken fibres and even bald spots.

Deep cleaning your rugs with us two or three times per year will keep them looking clean and smelling fresh, ridding them of dust and grime that can dull the rug fibres and fluffing up the pile to make your rugs look and feel like new!


Pillows and cushions

The cushions you use on your sofa, armchairs or your bed are much like your bed pillows. They should be cleaned thoroughly at least every six months unless they suffer from an accidental stain from a food or drink spill, which would need more urgent attention.

Your pillowcases and cushion covers can be washed more frequently because they come into direct contact with more dust and germs, but changing your pillow and cushion covers regularly doesn’t mean that your pillows and cushions don’t need a regular clean!

Why not book our specialist cleaning services to give your household fabrics and fresh spring clean. We even offer a free collection and delivery service!