You don’t need us to tell you this but Dry cleaning is one of the most effective ways to clean garments. Obviously it’s something we know a lot about and what we are passionate about. While our main processing unit has a team of superheroes ready to ensure your clothes are returned to you good as new every single time, we know our customers may try their own ways to recreate the processes themselves from time to time. While we would always recommend leaving it to us, if you are attempting this, it is worth being aware of these common mistakes that could prove disastrous if not handled right.

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Here are our top 5 tips for what NOT to do with your dry cleaning:


Those annoying little labels inside your clothes are there for a reason – not just to scratch your skin! They provide essential information to ensure they are cleaned correctly so are absolutely crucial. They will tell you what is and isn’t suitable regarding its cleaning and can stop you making fatal mistakes. It is important to follow these to the letter as any rogue methods could result in the irreparable damage of your garment. If an item says dry clean only, it says that for a reason. Don’t think that putting it as a machine wash will end up fine, as you could be killing your clothes!


We know what the natural instinct can be when you get a new stain on your clothes – “Quick. Splash some water on it”. DON’T DO IT! Doing this could actually make the stain worse and therefore much harder to come out if not impossible. Avoid using any special home remedies to fix these and if you are worried, leave it to the professionals! It’s what we’re here for.


There’s a reason we love Dry cleaning so much – it really is the best thing for your clothes. If you do have a choice in cleaning methods, Dry cleaning is always the one to go for. We’re not just saying it as it forms part of our company name – Dry cleaning can prevent shrinkage and wrinkles on your garments whereas washing them could increase this risk.


Washing curtains can prove a costly mistake. Where possible, these should always be dry cleaned – otherwise it could be curtains for your curtains! Upon cleaning, curtains will shrink by an average of 10-15%. Did you know we have our own specialist equipment that reverses this process to minimise shrinkage upon cleaning? The miracle of technology!


Attempting the equivalent of dry cleaning at home may prove faster and cheaper but these quick fixes don’t always work in the long term and more often than not can make things worse, For day to day problems such as ever-present smells and those impossible to remove stains, professional dry cleaners like our good selves have all the tools needed to give you the best possible chance of restoring your clothes to their glorious peak. We won’t bore you with the details of just how we work this magic, but it’s pretty cool.

Our team of experts ready to save your clothes

Our team of experts ready to save your clothes

A lot can go wrong when dry cleaning items yourself. If you don’t want to risk it, our team of experts will happily take the burden away from you. And for admirably getting to the end of this blog, you definitely deserve a reward. So how about letting us give you 25% off of your next dry clean? All you have to do is quote the secret password “DRY CLEAN BLOG” when dropping your items off to any of our stores, or when placing an order online to receive this generous discount.

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