A lot of people think that dry cleaners don’t accept regular household laundry items. They believe that dry cleaning is only reserved for special items, such as expensive work suits and silk blouses. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

For most people, the dry cleaning process can seem a bit mysterious because they are not familiar with the process. They often think that there is no difference between dry cleaning and traditional machine washing at home.

Understanding why dry cleaning is a better option for your household laundry because certain fabrics require different levels of care can make all the difference to their look, feel and longevity.

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Dry cleaning uses eco-friendly solvents instead of water

Firstly, dry cleaning is usually done without the use of water. Your traditional laundry machine wash relies on detergent and water to clean your clothes and household fabric items. Dry cleaning uses specialised solvents to gently clean away dust, dirt, grime and stains from the fabric fibres.

Dry cleaning is especially important for delicate materials, such as silk, which cannot be wet washed, but is also great for cleaning and preserving other natural fibres, such as wool and cashmere.

Traditional machine washing is very harsh and can ruin clothes or household linens made with natural fibres. Quite often the act of machine washing can help to set a stain in place rather than remove it, so if you have any clothes or household fabrics with a worrying stain, then dry cleaning may be your best option for the complete removal of that stain.

Dry cleaning is best for removing stubborn stains

How many times have you spilt red wine or dripped gravy or sauce on a tablecloth and then have been left with an annoying stain, even after throwing the tablecloth in the washing machine? Many people resort to throwing away a perfectly good tablecloth because of the stains they carry.

Dry cleaning your tablecloths, bedding, household linens and other fabric items can tackle stubborn stains that you cannot get out by using a washing machine. Our team at American Dry Cleaning use a system called pre-spotting where we will pre-treat any worrying stains before dry cleaning.

If your garments or household fabrics have heavy stains such as mud, red wine or grease that are not properly treated with a suitable stain remover before coming into contact with water, it can spell disaster for your items!

Not all stains are equal, so simply throwing your stained items into your washing machine and hoping for the best may not help because traditional washing can help to inadvertently set the stain, making it more difficult to remove.

Full laundry services from American Dry Cleaning

Our professional dry cleaning team offer a full laundry service where your tablecloths, bedlinen and regular laundry items are freshly laundered, pressed, folded and conveniently packaged ready for you to use again.

You can even throw in your duvets, blankets, pillows, towels and mixed laundry, including small items such as underwear, socks, vests and pyjamas etc.

Find out more about our full laundry service or contact us for a chat about your needs. We are here to help!