At the American Dry Cleaning Company, it has always been our mission to be as environmentally conscious as possible. In fact, our dedicated management team have been pushing for sustainability for the past twenty years, being one of the first dry cleaning companies to adopt more eco-friendly cleaning solutions to use in our processes.

We are continuing with our focus to become even more mindful of the environment with our ongoing research and investment into new technology and sustainable practices to lower our energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint further as we move forward.

But using less energy and choosing to use more environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions isn’t our only focus. We have already introduced more sustainable products such as biodegradable shirt bags and polyrobe material.

We encourage all of our customers to reuse our bags for life instead of using disposable carrier bags and garment bags, which helps to keep more plastic out of the landfill.

Sustainable practices across our branches

Our management team have also implemented many long-term and more sustainable changes across all of our branches to make sure that the whole company is presenting a united front and practice what we preach.

We have already invested in cutting-edge equipment to help with our processes, such as a filtration

and water recycling system that recycles 90 per cent of the water we use in our laundry department and have fitted economisers to our boilers to improve energy efficiency by 30 per cent.

This means that we are not only reducing our energy and water consumption, but we are greatly reducing the amount of wastewater that goes down the drain and can re-use more than 60 per cent of our dry cleaning solvents.

Our wet cleaning processes use multi solvent technology that is more environmentally friendly, especially when compared to many traditional dry cleaners that still rely on old systems and petroleum-based cleaning solutions.

In fact, the American Dry Cleaning Company is the only dry cleaners in the world that use six different cleaning methodologies in our processing centres, which means we can effectively clean new fabric technologies that other companies wouldn’t be able to handle.

Appealing to modern principles

Our company is aware that there is an urgent need to switch to more environmentally respectful practices, in which we believe we are ahead of the curve when compared to our leading competitors.

As more people are turning to sustainable fashion and are now buying less, but more high-quality clothing, it also follows that they want to use more sustainable options when it comes to the care and cleaning of their clothes.

We make it easy for people to choose sustainable care for their clothes that not only allows them to keep their clothes looking smart and feeling good for longer, but are cleaned using the most mindful dry cleaning and laundry practices.

Our team are proud to offer dry cleaning and laundry services that are less harmful to the planet and are effectively helping to reduce the environmental impact of what was once a very polluting industry.