The Greener Dry Cleaner

It’s no secret that the world is undergoing a “green revolution”. We have to cut our carbon emissions down to zero by 2050, we have to eliminate single-use plastic waste and we have to find substitutes for fossil fuels that are fast running out. Change is underway, and American Dry Cleaning Company is on board.

As a result, two decades ago, we made a conscious decision to begin researching and investing in how to dry-clean your garments and household items in a more eco-friendly, non-toxic and odour-free way, without compromising the quality results we have always obtained.

Because of that time invested, today, American Dry Cleaning Company leads the way with eco-friendly initiatives which have seen us recognised by The European Union Standards Agency as a front-running sustainable business.

Our low carbon footprint awards have been achieved by investing in and then developing bespoke water-filtration systems, recycling almost all the water we use, distillation chemistry to clean and reuse over 60% of the solvents in our processes, and odour-free wet-cleaning technology developed by Miele and Krussler from Wiesbaden in Germany, all whilst sourcing 70% biodegradable licensed plastics from Scandinavia for our packaging.

We’ll always recycle over 95% of the cardboard involved in our processes and customers also have the option of choosing alternative environmentally friendly solvents like K4 and Sensene for the dry-clean processes.

American Dry Cleaning Company works in conjunction with many Research and Development laboratories all over the world, and we’re proud to have helped develop successful non-toxic biodegradable detergents that are sympathetic to modern-day natural and synthetic fibres. Most importantly, as a client-focussed organisation, we work in partnership with you, our customers, encouraging everyone to return hangers and packaging for recycling.

It’s not just clothes and household items we get clean. Our consciences are spotless! American Dry Cleaning Company really is the Greener Dry Cleaner, at our High Street stores all across London.

Did you know?

But our environmental commitment doesn’t stop there. We have a number of measures in place to minimise our carbon footprint and ensure we offer a greener service:

  • We recycle 60% of our dry cleaning solvents
  • We recycle 85% of our dry cleaning waste water
  • We recycle 80% of our cardboard packaging waste
  • We recycle 90% of our steam heating for our production units
  • We source biodegradable plastics
  • We use environmentally friendly wet-cleaning technology
  • All our detergents are phosphate free
  • All our dry cleaning machines use heat pump technology to help generate energy savings
  • We optimise machine configurations to use the least amount of energy, steam and water necessary
  • Our van fleet uses the latest clean-burn diesel engine technology
  • We recycle hangers and packaging plastics