Hibernation Special – Bring Out Your Heavy Jumpers, Coats, Jacket,
Woolly Hats and Other Winter Clothes

Winter is fast approaching. By now, you can feel the freezing wind starting to chill your day. Don’t let the frosty air spoil your fun this coming hibernation season. Bring out your winter gear before your family get frostbites!

But you just don’t wear your coats, heavy jumpers, jacket, woolly hats and other winter clothing items. Remember, you’ve kept them for months since the start of spring. After ice skating and taking carnival rides at Hyde Park or taking a stroll or merrymaking at the Trafalgar Square, we bet those clothes are covered with dust and smeared with mud.

These might also have sprinkles of ketchup, grease, oil and other stains from last year’s Christmas and New Year parties. Add to these stains caked mud and you have a perfect recipe for bad odour and dirty clothing. Ewww…

But there’s no reason to panic. Just call us and we’ll do our best to make them look and smell brand new. With our powerful reliable dry-cleaning machines, we’ll remove the unpleasant smell and mess from your wintertime apparel in an instant. The hodgepodge of stains and dirt are no match to us. All you need to do is bring your thick and delicate clothes to use. Our team of expert cleaners will take charge.

Don’t worry about your gears. They are in good hands. We’ve been in the business for almost 30 years. During these years, we’ve have been handling the clothes and accessories of our customers with the utmost care. We use only the safest, organic, and environment-friendly chemicals. What’s more, we only use top-notch, heavy-duty dry-cleaning machines that are tough on dirt and stains but gentle even on the most delicate fabrics.

But you may ask, why do you need our service? Why entrust washing your winter apparel to us if you can use the washing machine and other laundry equipment?

Our answer: there are some textiles that can be heavily damaged If not cleaned with care. Some of them are jackets, coats and heavy jumpers. These clothing items are often made with leather, wool, fleece, satin and other fragile fabrics.

Putting these items in washing machines with harmful chemicals is a cardinal sin against some of these items. Doing so might just see them shrink, crack or damaged. Worse, you might see some of them disintegrate right before your eyes!

To be safe, hand over your clothing items to us. With our expert eyes, we know what’s best for them. Our cleaning specialists see to it they will use only the safest cleaning agents and machines to deep-clean your winter clothes while maintaining their quality and texture of your clothes.

Being in the business since 1990, we think we have the right to assert ourselves as experts in London and other parts of UK. And we don’t want to stain our reputation just because of poor service. Aside from dry cleaning, we also carry out other services like laundry service. We also clean suedes, leather and fur. Moreover, we even make tailoring and shoe repairs.

By bringing your dirty clothes to us, you can gear up for winter with confidence