We all use a huge number of fabrics in our daily lives. Our clothing, bed sheets, duvets, curtains and furniture upholstery all have different types of fabric and textiles which all need cleaning differently.

Evidently, these textiles and fabrics form such an everyday part of our daily lives that we don’t notice each material separately. As a result, it’s easy to not focus on the number of microorganisms and potentially harmful germs housed inside these fabrics and textiles. Some of these are everyday pollutants and viruses while some others are outrightly infectious contamination of our clothing and linens.

The risks of washing everything at home

The common cold. Influenza. Stomach viruses. Throat infections. Chicken Pox. Most, if not all of us, have suffered with these afflictions and remained bed-ridden for a time.

However, when you’re ill and infectious or contagious, the germs around your body latch onto the bed sheets and anyone coming into contact with the fabrics can go down with the virus.

So, what are your options? You can shove everything in the washing machine or take things to the dry cleaners.

If you do choose to put everything in the washing machine, the chances are that at least one contaminated item will spread the germs to most of the other items. What’s more, the detergent and the water temperature in the machine don’t kill these resistant germs and bacteria either. The common cold germ, influenza viruses and gastroenteritis are just three types which can easily survive your wash cycle.

Stay safe and professionally dry clean

What’s the best way to keep most of these germs at bay? Getting your linens, bed sheets, clothing and upholstery professionally dry cleaned is the sensible choice.

The state-of-the-art equipment we have at American Dry Cleaning Company means our processes tackle the most harmful microorganisms. We use special chemicals to help get the everyday dirt removed, whilst simultaneously, the strong heat in the dryer eliminates the infectious germs.

In addition, aside from being effective for getting rid of annoying wrinkles, our steaming procedure at the end of the chemical solvent wash also removes any unwanted residual materials and effectively kills bacteria.

Do the high heat steaming processes kill germs?

It’s been proven that the extreme temperatures of steam pressing clothes kill germs, allergens, and bacteria. Moreover, it doesn’t just kill sickness-related germs but also effectively tackles odour-causing bacteria and allergens. 

The high heat steaming procedures that we use at American Dry Cleaning Company are the safest way to get rid of the germs from all your fabrics. The steam, reaching deep inside the fabric molecules, attack and destroy the disease and odour-causing microorganisms.

The best results for your laundry at American Dry Cleaning Company

While it’s true that you can eliminate some of the commonly found bacteria in your clothing and linens simply by using very hot water, more uncommon and more stubborn bacteria can only be treated by extremely high heat that only professional dry cleaners like American Dry Cleaning Company can provide.

What’s more, while we know that there are good quality fabric detergents as well as commercial bleach that can effectively kill bacteria in our fabrics, in order to eradicate germs and completely sanitise any fabric, American Dry Cleaning Company is the best way.

Not only do we take away the hassle of conducting the complicated and detailed processes yourself in your own home at the risk of overexerting your washing machine, but we can also expose the fabrics to repeated high heat that home machines don’t.

Altogether, American Dry Cleaning Company is the most effective, safest way to kill germs commonly found in clothes.