It’s fair to say that we’re living in a changing world where people are increasingly aware of the mark we leave on the planet, where our carbon footprints are under more scrutiny, where the world we leave for our grandchildren tomorrow can be affected simply by the way we live our daily lives today.

At American Dry Cleaning Company, we know only too well that changing the way we do things will help play a part in protecting the environment. Because of this, we’ve spent over twenty years researching and investing in newer, greener ways of dry cleaning your clothes, repairing and restoring a wide range of textiles, and washing all manner of your most valued items from pricey handbags and Persian rugs to old worn teddy bears and once-worn wedding dresses.

By investing in the latest water filtration systems, where 85% of the water we use is totally recycled, as well as distillation chemistry technology, which cleans and reuses over 60% of the solvents involved in our processes, it’s safe to say that American Dry Cleaning Company is certainly keeping its white goods green.

What exactly is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a confusing name insofar as the clothes don’t remain dry during the cleaning process. The garments are, in fact, washed in a liquid solvent to remove all the unwanted blotches and dirt.

Using chemicals to clean clothes isn’t a recent thing though. The Romans used to use ammonia to clean their clothes as it got those stubborn stains out better than water. Over the centuries, the processes evolved and newer solvents were used until in the 1930s, a chlorinated solvent called perchloroethylene became the leading method for cleaning fabrics without water.

Nowadays though, at American Dry Cleaning Company, thanks to our continued research into greener, environmentally friendly alternatives, we provide the option for our valued customers to also choose between K4, Sensene, wet-cleaning and biodegradable hydrocarbons to attack those malingering marks – hence the phrase, “Green Dry Cleaning”, like American Dry Cleaning Company.

American Dry Cleaning Company’s Carbon Footprint

Footprints are not something we’re keen on at American Dry Cleaning Company! Whether they’re muddy footprints on expensive rugs which we’ll get back to looking new again, or carbon footprints which we spend our time reducing.

To keep moving forward as London’s top end and greenest dry-cleaning company, we actively recycle over 95% of our cardboard packaging, all our hangers and 90% of our steam heating for production units.

Plus, we’re pretty proud of the fact that American Dry Cleaning Company is the only operator in the world to have invested and trained our whole team, across the board, in the latest cutting edge non-toxic and odourless environmental biodegradable solvent technology.

What’s more, we only use detergents which are 100% free of phosphates and all our dry-cleaning machines use heat pump technology to generate energy savings. We also configure all the machines used in our dry-cleaning processes to use the least amount of steam, energy and water as possible.

Finally, we thought it would be a great idea to reduce the number of single-use plastics we use by using garment covers that can hold up to five pieces of clothing at a time.

Because of this, our efforts to go green have not gone unnoticed; we’re the proud owners of a European Union Environmental Certificate awarded for outstanding work towards reducing our carbon footprint and functioning in an increasingly environmentally friendly way.

Achieving the best results from Green Dry Cleaning

At American Dry Cleaning Company, we’re the best choice for eco-friendly dry cleaning in London. We’ll pick up your items, clean them, alter them, repair them, tailor them, press them or restore them – all in a green and environmentally friendly way.

As we’re the experts, let us take care of things. Don’t try and remove difficult stains yourself as some stain removers available in supermarkets can damage to the fabric of a garment which can’t then be reversed.

We can arrange to have your clothes picked up, but if you’re dropping them off to be dry cleaned, let us know about any particular stains so we can focus on them. Give us the details of what caused it and how long it has been there. That way, we can work out the best way of getting rid of it ensuring the item goes back to looking new.

If you have any concerns about loose buttons or small rips and holes, let us know so that we can make repairs. At American Dry Cleaning company, we don’t just clean. We provide a wide-ranging restoration service on a large number of items you may not even know you can bring in to us.

We’ll restore shoes, curtains, rugs, bed linen, cushions, soft toys, niche ski wear, designer handbags, and even house keys.

If something that needs repairing or restoring is especially vintage or delicate, let us know so we can treat it with even more care.

Champions of change – with excellent results

By showing innovation and a desire to prove that a business can still be successful in its results whilst also being willing to change to better suit the environment, all makes for us to be recognised amongst our peers on the high street as the market leader in “greener” dry cleaning.

We also continue to sponsor laboratories around the world to develop successful non-toxic biodegradable detergents that support modern day natural and synthetic fibres, in order to keep clothes newer for longer.

For greener dry cleaning in London, American Dry Cleaning Company leads the way in keeping our white goods green!