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020 7937 6411


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Dry Cleaning Company in Kensington High Street

Best known for being a major London retail street, Kensington High Street is home to the famous former Bakers department store with its iconic art deco design, which is now a contemporary shopping centre, but the street is also an important historic link between West and East London.

You will find our dry cleaning outlet at number 223 on the street, which is just three minutes walk from Kensington High Street tube station, making it an ideal location to drop off and pick up your dry cleaning when travelling to the area by tube.

Whether you live in Kensington, work in Kensington, are visiting for a day of retail therapy, or simply want to stroll down the famous street and admire the flamingos in the Kensington Roof Gardens and the peacocks strutting around Holland Park, let us take care of your dry cleaning while you are here!

We also offer a wide range of care services to help look after your clothes, so if you need a new zip fitting, a hemline adjusted, a waistband nipped in or you get an accidental tear that needs repairing, our friendly team Dry Cleaner Kensington High Street branch can help!

Why not book now for your dry cleaner, alteration or repair. You can also chat with our friendly team and ask questions about our other services such as ski-wear cleaning, full laundry services and household fabric cleaning services.

Dry Cleaners near me Kensington High Street

Here are some important factors to consider when looking for an American Dry Cleaning Company dry cleaner near you in Kensington High Street:

Professional assistance: The American Dry Cleaning Company has a reputation for providing high-quality dry cleaners in your area. You can trust that your clothes and fabrics will be well cared for by their team of experienced professionals.

Convenient location: Their dry cleaning services are conveniently located near Kensington High Street, allowing you to drop off and pick up your clothes without having to travel too far.

Quick turnaround: The American Dry Cleaning Company understands that you want your clothes back as soon as possible. They provide quick turnaround times to ensure that you have your clothes ready when you need them.

Overall, the American Dry Cleaning Company is a reliable and convenient choice for dry cleaning services near you on  Kensington High Street.

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