Doing the laundry is often a chore that most people would gladly give up if they could get someone else to do it for them. If only there was a professional company that offered a complete laundry service that not only includes carefully washing your clothes, bedding and other household fabrics, but also expertly separates, presses and folds everything neatly ready to place in your drawers or put away in your cupboards.

Wait! There is! American Dry Cleaning Company are pleased to offer our customers a full laundry service that not only includes all of the above but also offers you a convenient free collection and delivery so you don’t even need to bring your laundry to us or collect it yourself afterwards!

Cost-effective and time-saving service

If you think that our full laundry services are only for the rich, then you need to think again. We offer everyone the chance to use our professional service, which is not only convenient but also very affordable and cost-effective. Don’t think of paying out for our laundry services as an expense but more of an investment in yourself. By using our full-laundry-service you will be giving yourself the valuable gift of time to spend doing something more constructive or productive.

What is a full laundry service?

Our full laundry services include washing a mixed load such as your regular clothes that don’t need dry cleaning, and you can include underwear too. We can take your bath towels, bedding, tea towels and tablecloths and wash them so you don’t have to. We will pair up socks, fold clothes and towels and deliver them back to your home smelling fresh and clean and feeling soft to the touch.

Our free collection and delivery service is the height of convenience and can give you so much more free time by eliminating quite a boring, yet essential frequent household chore that you need to keep on top of each week.

Keep in control of your laundry

Let’s face it, life is busy enough without wasting your precious time standing around doing laundry. Yet keeping our wardrobe full of clean clothes and cupboards full of clean towels and bedding is essential for good hygiene and our general health. It can be even more difficult to get things done if you have a family to keep clean. How many times have your kids come home from school with food stains on their clothes and kit bags full of dirty sports clothes covered in mud only to find they will be needed to be worn again in a couple of days!

Using the professional full laundry services available from American Dry Cleaning Company means that you can carry on with whatever you have planned without needing to stop what you are doing while your laundry is being expertly cleaned for you.

When you try to work out how much time you have spent doing laundry over the years, it can add up to far more time than you would like to admit. If you could get that time back, what would you have done with it? Why not take your time back by using our full laundry services and spend it on doing something you enjoy instead! You can book now and let us take care of your laundry for you.

Full Laundry Service in London