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American Dry Cleaning Company Premier Service is London’s best choice for exceptional cleaning service.

Our 35 London branches provide a premier service to keep all your items looking amazing. We continue to invest and update our technology and focus on a sustainable and eco-friendly process.

Premier dry cleaning service ensures that every item is given the highest quality check and is handed over to our highly experienced pressers. Any minor repairs are carried out at no extra charge. You will receive your item back in a recyclable garment bag with acid-free tissue paper and anti-moth treatment.

Premier Service gives each item a personal touch. For more information please visit your local branch or book a collection. Freephone 0800716625.

Quality Dry Cleaning in London

Because our clothes say so much about us, presenting a good image goes a long way. However, clothes eventually do get dirty, and dry cleaning can be the best way to get rid of the dirt and stains from your clothes while taking the very best care of their materials to protect them and give your clothes a longer life.

In the early days of dry cleaning, people used harsh petrochemicals to dry clean clothes. These proved to be harsh on fabrics and also harmful to the environment. These days dry cleaners such as American Dry Cleaning Company only uses the very latest, environmentally-friendly solvents to clean your clothes.

Modern dry-cleaning techniques and cleaning solutions mean that the solvent doesn’t get absorbed into the fabric or negatively affect the quality, structure or integrity of the material. Using our Premier Service for your dry cleaning means that we can remove oil, grime, stains and grease without causing any damage to the structure of the fabric.

As a healthier alternative to the harsh cleaning chemicals used by other dry-cleaning chains, American Dry Cleaning Company only use environmentally-friendly solvents and soaps for both our dry cleaning and traditional wet laundry cleaning services.

The cleaning solutions we use in our premier-dry-cleaning services are mild and odourless, plus they actually make your clothes brighter, softer and more comfortable to wear!

Combined with our investment into the very latest state-of-the-art cleaning machinery and technology, American Dry Cleaning Company is your go-to choice for our eco-friendly, premier-dry-cleaning services.


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