What with it being Valentine’s Day tomorrow, conveniently falling on a Friday evening for the first time in years, now’s the time to start thinking about getting ready for the date you may have. 

If you’re planning a romantic dinner for two, you’ll want to look your best and though we trust you to take care of the lipstick or an extra-close shave, you can trust American Dry Cleaning Company to take care of the clothes – specifically, making you look great on Friday night.

Scrubbing up for that special date!

If you’re planning on wearing that nice dress you bought a while ago, but can’t really remember if it’s in a state to put on after months in a dusty wardrobe, don’t fear. Let our expert team take on the hard work of preparing those chic or sexy garments ahead of the big night.

Likewise, if your suit’s a bit worse for wear after the last wedding of the season in October and you’ve never got around to getting that stain out of the jacket, we’re ready to clean any piece of clothing for whatever triste you’ve got planned with that someone special.

A traditional but messy occasion

Valentine’s Day, in our experience, can traditionally be a fairly messy occasion. We have no doubt that Cupid’s been hard at work all over the country, but he tends to leave some stubborn stains in his wake. Between wine (always red wine!), melted chocolate, candle wax and even lipstick, it’s a celebration that can be quite treacherous to your clothing.

We recommend bringing everything in to American Dry Cleaning Company the morning after (after a romantic breakfast too, of course!), as we’re London’s primary experts in professional dry cleaning.

We employ dedicated and knowledgeable staff in each of our thirty branches right across London’s High Streets who know exactly how to remove these stains and blemishes, with no risk of damage to the expensive clothing, something which you may do at home if you attempt the challenge.

Myth-busting the red wine question

Whilst there will be corks popping out of wine bottles all over the world tomorrow night, one of the most frustrating things that can happen on a date to really kill the mood is spilling red wine down an expensive dress or a nice white shirt. 

A nice wine costs enough by itself without adding on the price tag of your ruined clothes. So, what can you do when you’ve got a big blotch of Rioja on your white jeans?

There are plenty of interesting theories about dealing with this most annoying of stains. Some people recommend adding a bit of salt to the affected area, stretching it taut over a bowl, and pouring boiling water over it.

Others recommend club soda dabbed into the stain and a few people even claim that spilling white wine over the area will help, but they may have had a few glasses of wine anyway. 

All sources seem to agree that dousing the stain with liquid as quickly as possible after the incident is the best way to keep it from permanently staying in your clothes. 

However, on a serious note, to avoid genuinely ruining the garment, simply let the professionals deal with it.

We always say that it’s not a good idea to try and remove difficult stains yourself as some stain removers available in supermarkets can cause damage to the fabric of a garment which can’t then be reversed.

Bring the clothing into American Dry Cleaning Company, give us the details of what the stain is, what caused it and how long it has been there. That way, we can work out the best way of getting rid of it ensuring the item goes back to looking new.

Show some love to your clothes this Friday

Whatever happens this Friday, whether you choose to stay in and enjoy a takeaway on the sofa with your best friend, or whether you go to a posh, swanky restaurant and push the boat out on a lovely candlelit meal, remember that we’re here to get your clothes looking pristine beforehand, and to clean them up for you afterwards. 

We’re London’s premier dry cleaning company and we simply offer the best service available for the widest range of products. 

We pride ourselves on never compromising on our reputation, and if we see any additional repairs that need doing on your favourite garments, we’ll fix them for free before returning your items to you as close to new as it’s possible to get them.

So, enjoy yourselves and remember;

As you all go in search of your Cupid

Remember this short little verse

Spilling wine on your date may be stupid

But not dry cleaning your clothes? Well, that’s worse!