As Good As It Gets

Premier Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

American Dry Cleaning Premier Service – London’s best option for a quality service

American Dry Cleaning Company are quite simply London’s leading name in quality dry-cleaning. All across our 35 London stores, we provide the best services possible to keep your garments looking pristine. Aside from our ongoing research of state-of-the-art products, continued staff training, investing in and updating our equipment to the latest technology available for getting clothes clean, we also focus on doing it in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. That’s how we know that the service we offer our customers is second to none.


Whether your items are made of silk, suede, leather, fur or simply if they’re your favourite old cotton t-shirts, we guarantee that we’ll get anything looking brand new again. What’s more, we don’t just stop at clothes. We’re your local experts in cleaning and mending curtains, cushions, bed linen, boots and shoes, handbags, rugs, soft toys and even wedding dresses or ball gowns.


For our Premier Service clients, American Dry Cleaning Company sets the bar on service levels.

We combine the best cleaning products on the market with our latest stain removal procedures, and our certified master pressers will ensure the garments are returned to you looking in shop-shelf condition. In addition to that, we’ll do all minor repairs free of charge.


Dry-cleaning doesn’t just stop when we hand your clothes back to you. We know that part of the cleaning process is how the garment is kept afterwards. That’s why we return it to you in a breathable garment bag with acid-free tissue paper and anti-moth treatment, presented in beautiful and easy-to-carry packaging. This ensures that although the item is completely fresh, it will stay as such for the longest period possible.


So, it looks new, it feels new, it smells new. This must be the work of American Dry Cleaning Company!


For further information please visit your local branch or call our customer service department on freephone 0800 716 625.