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Key – Cutting In Chiswick For a New Key

It’s extremely frustrating when your key becomes stuck in the lock, and it’s even more frustrating when your key snaps in the lock, preventing you from opening it. This happens frequently, and we frequently get calls asking, “Do you offer key-cutting in Chiswick for broken keys jammed in the lock?” or “Can you make me a set of new keys for my London tenants?” and the answer is simply, yes. If your key has snapped in the lock and you can’t get it out, contact our Chiswick emergency key-cutters to avoid damaging the lock.

American dry Cleaning in  Chiswick key cutting services cut keys and extract keys stuck in window and door locks throughout London.

We have a large selection of blanks for various locks. Front and back door cylinder and mortice keys, double glazed windows and doors, padlocks, and safes. While you wait, key copies can be cut, making the service both quick and convenient.

Shoes Repair and Keys Cutting Service

In Chiswick, American Dry Cleaning Company provides shoe repairs and key cutting. This includes soles, heels, stretching, zip replacement, and emergency key cutting.

For all of our Shoe Repairs, security products, and emergency key-cutting services in Chiswick and throughout London, Locked Out believes in fair and honest pricing.

We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Soles and heels should be replaced.
  • Boots should be taken in for a better fit.
  • Zips should be replaced.
  • Replace and repair broken heels
  • Bag restoration and repair
  • Stitching and patching

We also provide a comprehensive key cutting service.


From the finest handmade brogues to the most recent Relocate creation, to your everyday pump that makes the commute to work in Chiswick much more comfortable, we have worked on every type of footwear and leather accessory.

We’ve always thought that buying a good pair of shoes or boots is an investment in yourself. They will keep your feet dry and comfortable while also assisting with your posture. They can also reveal a lot about your personality. Invest in a good pair of shoes, and we’ll help you keep them in good condition.

Shoe Care Products

You don’t always require us to enhance your shoes. A good clean and polish will help keep your shoes in good condition and your feet comfortable, warm, and dry. We sell the best polishes and creams, cleaners and treatments, so you can take care of your shoes long after you’ve bought them.
There are also brushes, laces, insoles, and other shoe accessories available. Our skilled cobblers with extensive knowledge of footwear construction perform the shoe repairs, ensuring that your shoes receive the best care and attention in Chiswick.

We also offer a Shoe Repairs And  key cutting service available in selected branches across London , Baker Street, Chiswick, Fulham Road ,Harpenden ,Islington ,Kings Road, Mill Hill , Holland Park , Notting Hill etc .

For more information please visit your local branch or book a collection.

Freephone 0800716625.


Very efficient and quick key cutting service. Friendly and professional staff and a great price. Thank you so much!
Mark S.

American Dry Cleaning fixed a broken heel on my boots. They feel like new again. I would be happy to go back to them for any future repairs if needed.
Amanda Reynolds

I had the shoulder strap of my handbag reattached after getting it caught on a door handle. The mend is invisible to the eye. Very impressed!

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