If you love nothing more than hitting the slopes for your winter break, you will want to make sure that your skiwear is clean, warm, fresh and comfortable. Before your trip, you can take advantage of our specialist skiwear cleaning service, and we can even arrange for a free collection and delivery for the ultimate in convenient service!

It doesn’t matter whether you want your whole skiwear wardrobe cleaned or just a few select pieces, we can clean your ski-suits, ski-jackets, snow-trousers, salopettes, ski-gloves, as well as your thermal under layers and hats.

While we do recommend having your skiwear cleaned on your return from your skiing trip to help preserve the condition of your skiwear and extend its useful life, we understand that lots of people prefer to have their skiwear cleaned just before going away on holiday so they can enjoy wearing freshly-cleaned clothes during their break.

Getting rid of stains and watermarks

Your skiwear will inevitably get grubby during your skiing break, whether it’s a splash of mulled wine, a few drops of hot chocolate with sticky marshmallows or salt and watermarks picked up from wading through the snow and slush, we can clean your skiwear, fold and wrap it up so it’s ready to pop into your suitcase.

If your skiwear needs freshening up from your last trip and you can’t figure out what that mystery stain is, just bring this to our attention when you book our cleaning service and we will pay special attention to the identification of what caused the stain and treat it accordingly.

When it comes to keeping your skiwear clean, our expert team know the best methods for treating stains and the correct way to clean the fabric that your skiwear is made from. So if you notice a bad stain on a piece of clothing, don’t panic! And don’t try to clean the stain yourself at home using some sort of heavy-duty cleaning treatment. This can often make the stain set firm, or act to fade the colour of the fabric without removing the stain.


Protecting your fabrics

While you might be tempted to wash some of your skiwear items at home using a conventional washing machine and washing powder, machine washing can be harsh on fabrics and can cause some damage to the materials.

Many commercial laundry detergents, whether they are liquids, pods or powders, can also harm your skiwear. Some are so harsh that they can drain the colour from your clothes and wash away any protective waterproofing treatments that are used to seal fabrics.

It’s a lot easier for our teams at the American Dry Cleaning Company to tackle the cleaning and preserving your skiwear for you, especially when you find a mystery stain that you cannot identify.

Dry cleaning bulky skiwear

If the thought of stuffing your bulky skiwear into your washing machine and hoping for the best fills you with dread, then it is understandable that seeking the help of our dry cleaners makes a lot more sense!

Professional dry cleaners like us do more than just dry clean suits and shirts for the office. We can expertly clean more bulky, specialist skiwear and winter clothing so you don’t have to.

Why not book our Skiwear cleaning services so you are well prepared to hit the slopes in clean, fresh comfort. We even offer a free collection and delivery service!