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American Dry Cleaning Company offers a professional and caring repair, restoration and cleaning service for all soft toys. 

Dust mites and bad odours can make furry friends bad companions for kids who play with them. Stuffed animals will start to look old and when the fur clumps together and looks dirty, you know it’s time for a makeover! We use gentle cleaning to remove stains and odours.

Why not ask for our Ozone Cleaning to remove harmful bugs and bacteria that may be lurking in your cuddly teddy?

Children’s soft toys become grubby very quickly, which is normal for such well-loved items. It makes sense to clean soft toys periodically to keep them clean and healthy for your kids to play with.

It’s especially important to clean soft toys when your child has been ill, especially if they have been cuddling them during their illness. This is because soft toys are breeding grounds for germs, but with our specialist and caring cleaning methods, all germs will be killed and your soft toys will be back to looking as good as new.

The special care we give to cleaning soft toys means that your children won’t be waiting for an eternity to play with them again.

For more information please visit your local branch or book a collection. Freephone 0800716625.


I wanted to gift a bag of soft toys to my new nephew, but they had been in the loft for ages and smelled really musty. My local American Dry Cleaning branch did an amazing job of cleaning them. They look like new and the musty smell has completely gone.

I used your cleaning service for my son’s soft toys and was amazed at how quickly they came back clean, fresh-smelling and dry. My son’s favourite teddy bear looks really bright and clean.
Kelly Smith

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