December always seems like a month full of countdowns. People counting down the number of shopping days left until Christmas, workers counting down how much holiday they still have left to take in the year, and we even count down the last ten seconds of the year whilst staring at Big Ben on the television!

Then there are New Year resolutions. Many of us will have set a firm jaw and vowed to get richer, happier, thinner or healthier come January, stoically determined to dig out the dusty cross-trainer from the loft. Or is it in the shed?

But, however many resolutions you make this December, and whether they last until 2nd January or 2nd July, one thing is for sure; why wait until the Spring to get your clothing in order? 

Why wait till Spring?

Researchers can trace the origin of this tradition back thousands of years to when the Ancient Persians practiced khaneh tekani, which literally means “shaking the house”. All the linen, drapes, furniture and Winter clothes were ceremoniously cleaned as a way of closing that chapter and welcoming in better weather.

However, at American Dry Cleaning Company, we’re saying why wait till Spring? Why not get a head start on this well-worn ritual and start afresh in January?

Cold, wet weather means that you’ll be wearing warm, thick clothes. All your favourite garments that keep you snug when it’s either chilly, blowy, drizzly or icy outside. Your fur hats, suede gloves, cashmere scarves, lycra snoods, woolly mittens, leather coats, fluffy earmuffs – even those thick nylon socks you wear around the house when no-one’s looking – all these are difficult to wash in a normal washing machine as they all have specific cleaning requirements. 

All these types of clothes are particularly tough to dry too, especially when it’s wet and windy outside. The washing line has stalactites of ice hanging from it and overcrowding radiators all over the house can create damp. In addition, a tumble dryer is not very effective with large items which are prone to fill the drum and reduce the effectiveness of the machine. What’s more, how many of us have shrunk our favourite clothes in tumble dryers? Exactly.

That’s why having all your Winter clothing and household linen professionally dry cleaned at American Dry Cleaning Company can really alleviate those Wintertime blues.

Washing the blues away

We know the feeling too. It’s the second week of January, your empty advent calendar has long since been recycled, your Christmas tree and all the decorations are packed away in boxes for next time, you may well be constantly hoovering pine needles off the floor and you’re thoroughly fed up with cold turkey sandwiches three times a day. Next stop Spring, right?

Not necessarily. Gather together your Winter duvet, blankets, furniture throws and coats, hats and scarves and head off to American Dry Cleaning Company in over 30 High Street locations all across London.

Regular dry cleaning is beneficial for your thick Winter clothes as it removes grit, dirt, moisture and sweat from them, which can often put stress on the fabrics if left for too long. 

Also, bear in mind that if left for too long without being properly cleaned, thick clothing can fall prey to harmful bacteria and dust mites that thrive in the fabric. 

At American Dry Cleaning Company, we are meticulous in our dry cleaning processes and as London’s premier dry cleaning service, our expertise in cleaning your items will ensure that they last longer, look newer and smell fresher!

We’re cleaning up snuggling down

Similar to thick Winter clothes, your duvet provides the perfect habitat for dust mites and bacteria. You should really be aiming to have your duvet professionally cleaned every 3 or 4 months.

If your duvet contains feather or down filling then it will certainly need to be dry cleaned. Placing it in the washing machine will lead to the down and feathers clumping together and they will not dry properly, which could do more harm than good when it comes to removing harmful bacteria. 

In addition, a duvet is a large item, especially if you have a king-sized bed. Fitting a duvet in a washing machine can be a difficult process and if the machine’s drum is too full then it will not be able to clean your duvet effectively.

At the American Dry Cleaning branches, we have all the appropriate machinery that can make easy work of cleaning a duvet to the highest possible standard.

Drying Your Duvet

Thick Winter duvets should always be air dried. This allows them to dry properly and exposure to the sun can help kill harmful micro-organisms. The problem is that during the Winter months it’s difficult to dry your duvet outside due to the constant threat of rain. 

American Dry Cleaning Company can resolve this issue as the duvet will be thoroughly dry cleaned and properly dried before being returned to you, as though it were brand new again.

A happy new year with American Dry Cleaning

Starting the new year afresh by having your thick Winter woollies and your duvet professionally dry cleaned at American Dry Cleaning Company is the ideal way for a happy start to the new year. 

You’ll be able to snuggle down out of the cold knowing that everything has been cleaned to the highest standard out there. Once the team at American Dry Cleaning Company has returned your things, you can grab your biggest mug of hot chocolate, stick on your favourite box-set and wait for the Spring thaw!