Did you know that your local branch of American Dry Cleaning Company does more than just dry cleaning? It is true, and one of our most long-established services is our tailoring and alteration services that we offer across all of our London branches.

The skills, knowledge and experience of our tailoring and alteration teams are phenomenal and unrivalled in London. We use traditional tailoring techniques and methods that unfortunately have been long lost in society over recent years of throw-away fashion.

We are proud that sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and this included helping people that want to keep their clothes looking good and fitting better for longer.

Our teams of highly experienced tailors can alter suits, shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets and coats to fit you better and feel more comfortable to wear. Having well-tailored clothes gives you the confidence to do your job and present yourself well in all work and social situations.

Professional tailoring and alterations

We tailor clothes for both men and women and can take a brand-new off-the-peg suit and make it fit properly to your measurements, or we can alter or repair any of your existing clothes that need careful attention.

Our tailoring teams are also trained in invisible mending, so when you accidentally rip a sleeve on a door handle or get a moth hole in your favourite winter coat, we are here to help!

We have many American Dry Cleaning Company branches conveniently positioned all over London, so one will be very close to you. Why not call in to see us with the garment you need tailoring or altering to fit. Our friendly staff will be happy to examine your item and advise you on the best way to move forward.

We pride ourselves on our impeccable eye for detail and are used to working on very high-end designer and vintage pieces, so you can feel confident that your tailoring or alteration job will be in the safest of hands.

Making you look your very best

Many of our tailoring and alteration service customers have favourite suits, shirts, skirts, jackets and coats that they only trust to us. We understand that as time passes, your clothes can stretch, shrink, sustain damage and need alterations as your style taste changes, and we can help you keep on top of your wardrobe maintenance needs.

Even the best quality clothes need a little help now and then. Whether it is fixing tight under-arm seams on a brand new jacket, re-lining a coat or skirt, or adding a new waistband and button on a pair of suit trousers, our team are here for you.

No matter what item you want tailored to fit your measurements perfectly, do not hesitate to call into your local branch of American Dry Cleaning Company or contact us for our advice. We are here to help!

Best Clothing Alterations in London

Our in-house tailoring, clothing alterations and repair teams understand how important it is to look your best at work, especially if your role involves giving presentations and representing your company at important business events.

The retail, hospitality and corporate sectors have developed working environments with traditional wardrobe staples for both men and women. This has led to the business shirt or blouse becoming an essential part of your identity.

With many workers choosing to buy off-the-peg options, it can be challenging to buy a smart shirt or blouse that actually fits properly. This is where our in-house tailoring teams come in very handy!

Shirt alterations London

Most off-the-peg shirt buyers find that the shirt often has longer sleeves, rounded shoulder seams, or collars that are too tight or too loose.

If this is your problem, why not bring your work shirts or blouses to our clothing alterations team in your nearest branch. Our alterations specialists will tailor your shirts to get the right fit.

Each of our London branches has a private fitting room to take your measurements. We will then cut your shirts or blouses to fit you perfectly. This also means your shirt will look so much better on you that people will think that you have had your shirt professionally hand made for you.

There will be no more gaping collars or too-tight cuffs to make you feel uncomfortable! Our clothing alterations and tailoring services really take the hassle out of owning a well-fitted work wardrobe.