The American Dry Cleaning Company offers a comprehensive range of garment care services, including expert repairs, alterations and tailoring services for our loyal customers.

No matter whether you need a waistband altering on a pair of trousers or a skirt, a zip replaced or new buttons sewn onto a shirt, we can help you. Our team can also repair tears, snags and holes and offer invisible mending to keep your clothes looking and feeling their best for longer.

We have in-house teams of fully trained and experienced tailors and seamstresses who can carry out all types of clothing alterations, so if you want a skirt or dress shortening, lining replaced in a jacket or sleeves adjusting on a coat, there isn’t a job too small or too large that our team of tailors can’t handle.

How tailoring can uplift your wardrobe

The secret to making your clothes look good is to have them tailored to fit. While you may have a designer dress or suit sitting in your wardrobe, if it doesn’t fit properly, it isn’t going to look good.

You don’t even need to go out and purchase high-end clothes to look like you have just stepped off a catwalk. Our in-house tailoring services can alter your clothes to make them look as if they were made for you.

Tailoring services can be quite inexpensive, especially when compared to the price of buying new designer clothes. The trend these days is to wear your clothes for longer and to re-work vintage clothes to create your own individual style.

No matter how much your clothes cost to buy, they won’t look expensive if they don’t fit you. But having your clothes tailored to fit your measurements can make any ready-to-wear clothes look like they were hand-made for you.

How a better fit can feel better

If you have a nice suit that makes you look smart, but you find the sleeves are a little too long, our tailoring services can make your sleeves fit perfectly. No more tugging your sleeves up of having them bunch up around your elbow and feeling uncomfortable.

Does the waistband on your skirt or trousers feel too tight? Is it uncomfortable to sit down for long without the button on your trousers digging into your stomach? Having the waistband of your skirt or trousers let out can feel more comfortable when you need to work without any distractions.

Do you wear a suit for work, but find the sleeves and shoulders are too restrictive? If you can feel the seams under the arms of the suit are too tight to allow for comfortable movement, we can alter these to allow for more freedom of movement.

Altering and repairing vintage clothes

You may have a favourite hand-me-down outfit that has now become a classic but doesn’t fit you right. Or you may have found a vintage beauty that is a real one-off. Our team of tailors can alter your outfit to fit your measurements and can replace anything that may be broken or perished with age, such as adding a new zip, sewing in hook and eye fastenings, and replacing buttons with a new retro-style set that perks up the outfit.

If you want to bring out an old outfit from the back of your wardrobe and give it a second life or have us alter your work suits to fit more comfortably, then come and see our friendly staff in your nearest branch to find out how we can help you.