Textile Restoration in London

In the Textile Restoration process each bit is thoroughly restored in accordance with technical criteria of durability and preservation, also as respect for the piece’s authenticity.

Mindful of current heritage restoration principles, the materials used will always match the character of the piece of textile, additionally to being reversible and distinguishable from the first.

What is a Textile?

Textiles include garments, window treatments, bedding, shoes, purses, hats, belts, rugs, and stuffed animals. Textiles are the most important component of one’s home items.

What are my responsibilities as an insured?

To protect your property from further damage. This might include boarding up the property, drying the affected areas and protecting the property from weather. Berks, Fire, Water Restorations, can provide all necessary emergency and mitigation services 24, hours each day seven days every week.


Will Berks, Fire, Water Restorations, restore my textiles on-site or will they be shipped to an off-site dry cleaner?

All textiles are going to be cleaned on premise and can be readily available to you and any immediate needs are often handled within hours.

What products do one use to wash the damage?

Textile Restoration companies use a spread of products counting on the circumstances. You’ll ask your representative to supply you with MSDS sheets for any products getting used in your property. Advice a representative if you or any members of the property have any chemical sensitivity or other health concerns that you simply feel could also be relevant.

Please contact us for any questions or concerns throughout the textile restoration process. At the time of the initial emergency, numerous emergency and insurance personnel is going to be supplying you with tons of data and directions. It’s normal to possess questions throughout the method, and that we are here to assist you.


  • Report fire damage to your insurance broker.
  • Call a licensed restoration company to secure property and mitigate damages Document damages with photographs.
  • Do not plan to clean damaged areas with any liquid. Your cleaning could cause additional damage.
  • Do not allow children, pets or the elderly within the affected areas.
  • Do not touch items without gloves.
  • Oils in your hands can permanently be set dirt causing irreversible damage.
  • Notify your BFW representative immediately of any concerns with items of high sentimental or real value. Survival rates of things that receive immediate restoration attention are much higher.


We have over a few years of experience within the recovery and restoration of textiles suffering from fire and flood.

Our onsite technicians and textile care operatives have successfully claims and restored and returned many items. Clothing, curtains, soft furnishings, shoes, and bags. From the foremost delicate of Wedding Dresses, and high fashion to Ugg Boots, and everything in between.

All our work is processed in-house, we are one among the few cleaners within the entire country to possess six restoration options:


  • Laundry
  • Wet Cleaning Dry Cleaning in Perchlorethylene
  • Dry Cleaning in The hydrocarbon
  • Specialist hand cleaning of footwear, handbags, toys and delicate items
  • Ozone.