Storing your Winter clothes over the Summer months without having had them thoroughly dry-cleaned by professionals first can damage them substantially when they’re unpacked again. Typical Winter clothes materials like leather, velvet, suede or wool do not store well and must be properly looked after in order to maintain them over the months they’re not being worn.

Then, when Autumn comes around, people are often surprised at how damp may have caused the clothing to smell, heavier garments on hangers may be misshapen, and stains you thought a simple wash could remove have now become permanent. At American Dry-Cleaning Company, London’s leading name in first-class dry-cleaning, we know how to treat all your favourite fabrics, keeping you fresh and snug as the leaves turn brown and the ground turns white.

It’s only cold if you stand still!

A number of things have happened recently which indicate that Winter is now well on its way.

Firstly, Christmas lights are going up in the streets (and decked all over the front of houses for the most eager revelers). The season of good cheer is just around the corner, and as children start thinking of things they want from Santa Claus, the rest of us begin to anxiously count down the shopping days left until Christmas.

Secondly, now the clocks have gone back, we go through that annual delusion when we’re all duped into thinking that we get an hour extra in our day to get things done. It’s only when the evening comes around an hour faster too, that we realise the number of hours in a day remains constant. It’s always people with young children who love the clocks going back, as for the first week they find themselves clutching coffee like a castaway clutches driftwood, serving breakfast to toddlers at 5.45am.

Also, the deeper we get into the month of November and the evenings begin to draw in quickly, there’s a definite chill in the air and motivating yourself to hit the gym after work becomes a struggle of epic mental fortitude. Commuters everywhere dive into their Winter coats, turn up their collars, and rush into the dim orange drizzle to get home as quickly as possible.

Where are my woollies?

But what does all this mean as you rummage around the back of your wardrobe for the woolly jumpers and thermal socks you know are in there? Now the long Summer days seem like fading sun-kissed memories and you can no longer remember the smell of cut grass, sun-cream and barbecues, you’ll need to get your Winter togs in order to remain snug until the Spring thaw in March.

The thing is, most people, in their eagerness at the arrival of some warm weather in late April or early May are all too happy to fling their Winter apparel into the murky corners of endlessly deep wardrobes and forget about them. However, storing your Winter clothes for six months, without having previously had them properly cleaned will make for a vaguely unpleasant surprise come November, as moths will have deemed your favourite jersey to be like a succulent Tudor banquet. Moths can gnaw large holes in the fabric and the smell can be particularly stubborn to get rid of.

So, what’s the trick to avoid this olfactory Autumnal unpleasantness? Get the professionals to help.

At American Dry-Cleaning Company, we know that having your clothes professionally dry-cleaned either before or after being in storage is the best option. Any stains or blemishes need to be totally removed before clothes are packed away as they will only darken and become worse over the six months they’re not being used. Likewise, having your Winter clothes professionally dry-cleaned in Autumn will remove any unwanted friends who have chosen to escape the Summer heat by burying into a woolly nest to lay their eggs. Dry-cleaning is the best option as often larvae can survive normal household washing-machine cycles and by leaving them in the clothing, the subsequent results are skin irritation and rashes.

Remember, remember: cool, clean, dark and dry

Four easy-to-remember pointers for keeping your garments in the best condition when they’re not being used. Keeping your storage space clean and cool will deter insects and bugs from nestling in, the dark will stop colours from fading in the light, and lastly, if your storage space is damp, mould will set in and totally ruin the clothing.

Come and give us a visit

Based in over thirty locations all around London, American Dry-Cleaning Company specialises in very high quality and eco-friendly dry-cleaning, kind to your clothing as well as the environment.

At American Dry-Cleaning Company, we consider ourselves the leading name in quality and first-class dry-cleaning service in London, so by combining our vast experience, our wide-ranging know-how and our great reputation, we’re the place to come to keep your wardrobe spotless.

 So, whether it’s your work shirts, T-shirts, bed sheets, short skirts, jackets, jerseys, jumpers, jodhpurs, handbags, glad rags, posh boots, posher suits, scarves and hats, rugs or mats, teddy-bears or hipster flares, come into one of our branches and let us take care of it all. We’ll get it spick and span, so Winter doesn’t need to be a chore!